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Thread: your own PPV

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    your own PPV

    if you could make your own ppv for the WWe What would you name it and what would be the theme to it .

    me personally i wish the wwe would do their own version of halloween havoc i think itd be awesome!
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    If I am being non-creative, King of the Ring. I love me some tournies.

    If I am being creative, Bloody Scramble. 2-3 matches would be champioship scrambles.....really, I just want to see this match type used more often, also uses more superstars to boost them up

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    1.) WWE All-Star Weekend-This Pay-Per-View is an all weekend event. On Saturday we have a match between rookies(NXT roster members) and sophomores(guys who have debuted in the past two years). There would be a battle royal featuring the 20 most voted for superstars by the fans. The last two people in the ring will receive a WWE Championship/World Heavyweight Championship match on Sunday, with the winner getting first pick. On Sunday we start off with a 5 vs 5 match with the fans voting for which superstars they'd like to see. The you'd have the fans vote in people to face off against both the United States and Intercontinental Championships. Another match would be the 15 minutes of Fame match where the WWE would give us four choices from the indies and we vote who gets to face a WWE superstar for their 15 minutes of fame. The World Title and WWE Title match stipulations will be voted for by the fans by write ins. Example being WWE Championship match stipulation: Hell in a Cell. Like that.

    2.) International Incident-This Pay-Per-View always has to be held outside the United States. There would be a tournament between nations in a three man team setting. Team WWE(USA) vs Team Insert Country vs Team Insert Country. The country team can feature independent/foreign wrestlers.

    3.) Blast from the Past-Retired wrestlers manage superstars of their choice to compete against each other in an eight man tournament. Winner will immediately face the champion of their choice.

    Those are my three ideas and put them in order of interest.
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    Thinking of a PPV with a tournament in which the intensity and extremeness of each match increases.


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