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    Jay Lethal as X-Division Champ Or Doug Williams as X-Division Champ

    As u saw the Ewrestlingnews spoilers U saw Jay Lethal regaining the X-Division Champ from Doug Williams so I will ask u which one would u rather be x-division right now?
    Jay Lethal or U want Doug Williams to be still X-Division Champ U DESIDE post below who u think should be X-Division Champ.

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    Jay should totally have it, then he can defend it and all that jazz that goes with it. While Doug goes off and the main focus on him is with Fortune

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    Definitely Jay Lethal. They spent all that time to build him up against Flair, only to have him get lost in the shuffle. When Williams interfered in Flair and Lethal's streetfight I thought that maybe TNA was leading into a feud between the two for the X-Division title. But, no such luck. They instead give an opportunity to Sabu, only to throw these two in the ring with each other in the end anyway. WTF. Why not have Lethal and Williams feud into a PPV and Lethal win there.
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    Defenitly Lethal. Now maybe we can have an X-Division fued that is actually X-Division. This should even be the question as now Doug can focus on his fued with EV2. The question should be who would you want to see Lethal fued with first that can really take us back to the classic X-Division? I say unless he is to caught up in the EV2 fued go with Kazarian but if they want him to keep his focus on that they could go with EY if they get rid of this stupipd ass gimmick he has now. other than that maybe amazing red or someone but u just never know.

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    Dude there is a place to talk about spoilers, I used to read them and it ruined everything. This has now ruined it for me next impact. I'm not flaming you or anything but please next time think not everyone reads spoilers, and posting something about a future event and especially something as major as this may pee some people off.

    But as for your question

    Dougs a great wrestler, if Jay has the belt hopefully we will start to get more high flying x division matches.

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    I chose Jay Lethal,while Doug is a great technical wrestler but he doesnt add any value to the X division title.

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    Hmm, as much as I don't see Doug as an "X-Division style" wrestler, he has changed it up a bit. And, now that he's with Fortune, every bit of gold they can get their hands on makes the group seem stronger, and I guess thats in favor for the main storyline in TNA these days.
    In Jay Lethals case, seeing as he's grown in popularity a lot, if he was given the title, then maybe the X-Division would become more of a prominent part on PPV's etc. I wouldn't say that it's a bad move either way for the Division, but I'd give it to Lethal, because everyone wants to see more of the X-Division since Hogan and Bischoff came in.
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    I thought the whole idea of Doug being the X-Division Champion was the character's one finger salute to the X-Division style of wrestling. For that reason alone, the belt should go to Lethal.

    I'd like the X-Division to have their own show, but I doubt TNA would do that until Impact's ratings go up more.

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    X-division championship should go to the high flyers!


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