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    I'm in the right place, right

    this is the thread of irrelevant jibber jabber?

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    Can't see Cena lasting past Summerslam.

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    Could be worse, he could have just posted a video and asked us to comment!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fatality View Post
    LOOOLLL, 3 years? Did you even check the ratings of Raw the past week. Cena drew Nadaaaa
    more then cm sucks................... MARK

    the 3 year cena title regin was ended because of the rock......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve's Right Peg of Doom View Post
    Could be worse, he could have just posted a video and asked us to comment!
    :'D oh vloggers.
    Quote Originally Posted by little.Jimmy View Post
    more then cm sucks................... MARK
    I'll gladly break you the news. You my friend are either a huge troll or an even larger mark. Cena draws sure, but he doesn't have near the drawing power that you are saying that he does.

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    Let me rock your world Junior..........

    Cena will never keep the belt for 3 years even Vince knows that is bad for business.

    CM Punk has been the highlight of WWE in recent times

    Your a troll.

    Trolls need ignoring.

    See a GP soon to help stop your mad and eccentric ideas.

    Refrain from spouting utter trash.

    That is all.

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    Well judging by the name little jimmy
    I'm guessing that its a fully grown adult, trying to write in an immauture fashion to lkive up to the character name
    and because little jimmy is apparently a child, the childish writing runs accordingly.
    Tard and more tarded

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    Cena holding the title for 3 years

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    This should have been posted on April 1st. lol if you think Cena's title reign would be any less boring then you have some issues. WWE is always going to lose money, no matter if Cena is champ or not. The PG crap is what is costing WWE money, not Cena jobbing or not being the champ. WWE will continue to lose ratings because of the PG crap. A dance off on the upcoming Raw? WTF is that crap.

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    Little Jimmy you are literally everything that is wrong with the wrestling industry and its fans. Grow a brain...start thinking outside the box. Cena's reign is going to drag raw ratings to the pits of low 2's, lower than the days of Diesel. You are a mark, a troll, and shouldn't be allowed to voice your opinion. That is all...
    "This is the way you handle it. Its easy, its simple to digest because you people cant handle anything complicated. You people cant stomach anything interesting. We're all here in the circus to entertain YOU. And nobody has been able to obtain a modicum of success without you...until I showed up. Im successful not because of you. Im successful in spite of you"


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