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    Booking TNA BFG 2013

    TNA World title: Bully Ray vs AJ Styles-Bully Ray laughs at the thought that he has to face AJ Styles at BFG. The biggest loser of them all, whose life as turned upside down was actually able to win BFG series. AJ of course wins, but when fellow members of TNA come out to help him celebrate....he leaves the ring. Continues his celebrations at the top of the ramp. He explains the reason as to why he didn't stay in the ring is because no one in TNA believed in AJ Styles. No one was on his side during the hard times. Not his wife, friends, or fellow TNA competitors. All they cared about was themselves. Through the Claire Lynch, the loss at Genesis, to now. I don't need anyone other than AJ Styles. I can win on my own. I'm the only one who I trust. AJ is still a face, but his own man. TNA and their fans want to say congrats, but refuses to accept it. He loses TNA world title from having a big head at Lockdown. Instead of accepting advice....he takes one risk too many vs Morgan and it costs him the world title. That propels the heel turn after he loses his rematch.
    James Storm vs Jeff Hardy-Storm is sick and tired of being patient waiting for oppurtunities. If Hogan won't give him what he wants....than he will start taking some action. Who in TNA has been handed oppurtunity after oppurtunity? I'll tell ya, his name is Jeff Hardy. I've had to deal with more bs than anyone in this company over the last couple of years. Last year, No Surrender Final 4.....I lose out on my oppurtunity because of Bobby Roode. Thanks to that, I didn't get to advance and get a title shot at BFG. Guess who did? Jeff Hardy!! When I win the world title, I defend it the following week and lose thanks to a beer bottle to the head. I lose a TNA world title match at BFG because I last called an opponent through the cage. I also have everyone turn against me claiming I joined Aces & 8s last year. Why wasn't Jeff questioned? He joined the Legacy the year before. Oh no, Jeff is a changed man. Despite all the beer I have drunk, I was able to compete in every match I was scheduled to compete in. When I beat Hogan's boy Jeff Hardy at BFG, I'll get the oppurtunities I deserve. Storm wins and loses his future TNA world title shot vs AJ at Genesis.
    Sting vs Matt Morgan-If Morgan doesn't get a TNA world title shot at the biggest event of the year. How about he beats Mr.BFG aka October who has dominated the biggest event in the past. 1st TNA HOF'r to be beaten on the biggest stage of them all....BFG. Morgan says he is going to defeat the Icon Sting. He doesn't only want to do that....he wants to end his career. He doesn't want that stupid stipulation every year. He plans on doing it physically. He wants to make sure when he is done with Sting, his career will be over not because of a loss. Morgan wants it to be because he can't physically compete in the ring. Sting claims Morgan hasn't been on the big stage like he has. Come BFG, it will be showtime. I plan going out on my terms, not on anyone elses. Morgan wins while also Sting taking some time off. Eventually returns when Morgan becomes the TNA world champion after defeating Styles down the road. I'd say Lockdown!!
    Greatest Wrestler vs Greatest man: Kurt Angle vs Austin Aries-The battle of the greats. I wanted this to be the main event of BFG last year. I thought Aries reign should have been longer for the TNA world title. Thought he could have used the rub from Angle, but the powers that be thought Jeff vs Aries was the better choice because social media bs. Aries being the heel here vs Angle. Young gun who is cocky and arrogant disrespects one of the all-time greats which leads to this match. Aries bumps into Angle in the hallway after his match asking Angle why is he still here(in TNA)? Walks aways, but explains in following weeks. I'm Austin Aries and I'm the greatest man that ever lived. I've accomplished a lot here in TNA, being TNA world champion, X-Division champion, being the first to cash in that title and win the world title. The best accomplishment out of all those isn't the world title that I'm most proud of. I'm most proud of taking the spot of the 2nd greatest wrestlers of all-time(behind Aries).....Kurt Angle. Why is he still here? Why didn't he go back up north after he realized his spot no on this roster has been taken. Nash, Booker, and christian all left knowing their spots were taken. It is time for someone to give Kurt Angle a reality check. When is the reality check coming? At BFG when I beat him and prove I'm not only the greatest man that ever lived.....also the greatest wrestler!! Kurt of course responds all he did was help take TNA to heights it never was before he joined. Where were you at Aries? Someone has gotta teach you some respect around here. That someone is ME!! Aries cheats to win, but Angle gets a W back at some point.
    Bobby Roode vs Samoa Joe-A feud Roode said he wants. He wants to have a program with Joe. I wouldn't mind seeing it myself. Be a good oppurtunity for Joe to get back to where he belongs in the main event scene. Roode hits some nerves with comments claiming Joe has been nothing more than a jobber since he lost to Sting in 2008 at BFG. You have fallen off the planet ever since you lost the TNA world title. What happened to "Joe's gonna kill you"? Your 2008 reputation is dead! 2013 Joe that I'm facing no longer has "it". I'm the main event, you don't belong in the same ring as me. I want all wrestling fans to tune in to BFG 2013 to watch me be victorious in easiest fashion of my career. This feud is to help get Joe over back to the main event scene so Joe wins via submission. Hopefully that chant gets over like it once did..."joe's gonna kill you"! Would do it as a #1 contenders match for TNA world title, but Joe losing to Storm would lose the momentum I would hope he would gain from a W over Roode.
    Monster's Ball: Abyss vs Devon vs Knux vs Doc-I hate Joseph Parks.....reminds me so much of Eugene it isn't funny. Abyss needs to return. Wasting good years of Abyss career on complete garbage they wish they could have back. Monster's ball return would be awesome as well. Payback to Devon along with 2 big dudes. Abyss wins!! Returns Hardcore Justice, defeats virtually every member of Aces & 8s in a singles match except for Bully Ray cuz interference during his title match before this ppv. Doc/Knux turn on each other during the match which allows Abyss to pick up the W.
    KOs title: Taryn Terrell vs Gail Kim-I would like to say Velvet Sky vs Taryn for KO's title, but I doubt Velvet will hold the title that long because the lack of KO's to face. Taryn vs the best women's wrestler in the world today on the biggest stage for the best prize. Taryn wins and makes her mark on the big stage. Don't know if this would work cuz they have a current rivalry going now, but that is probably the biggest match they can book for the division.
    TV title: Magnus vs Mr.Anderson vs Wes Brisco vs Rob Terry-I was thinking Rob Terry vs Magnus TV title or Anderson. History there with Magnus and Anderson could just put him over on this big stage. Refuse to do the triple threat garbage so I went with this fatal 4 way. Stuck to the 10 match limit rule also. Rob Terry wins has some matches with the rest of these guys on Impact afterwards should be good.
    Tag titles: Bad Influence vs Kenny "King" Mo-King Mo-has gotta have a match at some point in TNA after almost 2 years of signing him. Start him out with a tag partner figuring he will be a bit green. Kenny King is the perfect fit. Bad Influence is the best team in TNA when you compare the 3 teams. Heel team vs King Mo who should get a face reaction sorta like Pacman did back in the day. Bad Influence will attack him for coming into there world. The King duo wins the titles and holds them for a few months. Good start off point for King Mo and Kenny King's accomplishment list. I was thinking of adding 1 or 2 more teams, but I hate triple threats so much now in TNA with the tag division and X-Division in recent months.
    X-Division title:Chris Sabin vs Rockstar Spud vs Joey Ryan-Hopefully triple threat garbage will be over by this time. Expecting that it won't is the triple threat I'd put together. I doubt Petey Williams or Sonjay will be around come October. Rockstar Spud winning on the big stage taking the reigns of the X-Division on his back. Let Sabin move on to bigger and better things.

    There you have it....what do you think?

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    Does seems like a BFG card. I like them ideas. I'd buy that for $2 on iTunes.

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