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Thread: Face/Heel Turns

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    I say Randy needs the heel turn more. Sheamus is doing great as a face, so he shouldn't turn just yet.

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    Sheamus was a born face IMO. He's like a redheaded Cena.

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    Sheamus is fine just the way he is. He just needs a new theme. Every time he comes out I think of Limes and Lobster heads.
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    I like Sheamus as a heel better but Orton needs one far worse.
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    Sheamus is awesome as a face. I don't want another heel Orton bc it'll come with a huge push and I really am sick of him as it is.

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    sheamus will never turn heel he has a chnce of beating cena for the belt (only if he hits like 10 finishers tho)

    the 3 year cena title regin was ended because of the rock......

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    WWE is already thin on the ground for over faces, especially at the top of the card. Sheamus is one of the few they have. With that in mind, there's no need whatsoever to turn him heel.
    Also, I like Sheamus as a face. I think he plays a decent face and heel, so I don't think turning him at this point in time has any great value.

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    I agree Sheamus was perhaps more interesting as a heel when he first came in but works better in general practice as a many he seems stale and stagnant as a character because of the lack of quality storylines he has been involved in lately...come on how many times have we said a superstar is only as interesting and relevant as the opponent he/she is facing? Sheamus needs to feud with someone new that we would never see coming...does not matter the reason or rhyme just someone different...maybe a Cody Rhodes or Antonio Cesaro to name a few...

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    To many heels atm so no.


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