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    1. No
    2. It should be
    3. I hope so

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    Not gonna end the streak but is the only person left that deserves too or believably could.
    It should be his final match.
    It would be great to watch as I think it was be Taker's most unpredictable match at WM in a while.

    Really hope it happens, Cena can do the whole: "I've done it all" and then the lights go out...

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    Nope, I don't think anyone will ever end the streak.
    I doubt it'll be Undertaker's last match either. 'Taker looks in better shape this year than last and I expect him to keep going until he really can't anymore.
    I actually don't think we'll see 'Taker vs Cena at Wrestlemania 30 so I don't believe 'Taker's match will headline. My bet is CM Punk vs John Cena for the WWE title.

    Divas to believe in.

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    1. In terms of a wrestling storyline, it is believable Cena could end the streak, but he won't and I'm willing to take any action from anyone who thinks he will.
    2. Only if its for the title. Otherwise, I think he sticks around for the Brock match payday. His health seems to be with him and he can still go, even if its only once or twice or year. I think if even numbers like retiring at WM 30 were important to him, he would've hung it up after 20-0.
    3. Yes, without question.

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    The fact that Undertaker himself has been quoted as saying he wants to face Lesnar?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cabers View Post
    The fact that Undertaker himself has been quoted as saying he wants to face Lesnar?
    He is being saying this since ever

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    At this time, the Undertaker is scheduled to get surgery on his right shoulder and his left hip. The Undertaker has told Vince McMahon that he will be at WrestleMania XXX, and that he has ideas for the event. A member of the writing team had the following to say about the situation…

    "Taker would like to work with either John Cena or Brock Lesnar. Taker also has some ideas regarding The Shield. The whole scenario on Smackdown played out great, and Taker sees big money in those three."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cabers View Post
    The fact that Undertaker himself has been quoted as saying he wants to face Lesnar?
    Didn't UT say he didn't want to face Lesnar as he is clumsy in the ring (and could potentially get seriously hurt) and wanted someone he could trust, or did he say that about ryback?

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    yes I think wwe will put cena against the undertaker as brock vs the rock will prob be for the title,and cena is very like hhh all about himself and buries other talent by the comments he makes about them and the stories going on about him getting jelous of other talents,he is a good wrestler but way over rated i liked his doctor of thuganomics gimic Imsick of him hogging the limelight he had his time won them all his ego is so big he will want to beat him,and if the match goes ahead he will win .there is 2 wrestlers who could face him that would be the only ones deserving of ending the streak be kurt angle or stone cold steve austin,I would love to see angle against him.

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    Cena -Taker is the most logical match. The 2 biggest stars of the last decade main eventing WM 30.

    I wrote a blog that they never posted proposing a scenario where Cena loses the title, wins it back around the Rumble, then Taker wins the Rumble, and Rock gets his rematch from WM 29 all at once culminating in a triple threat match.


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