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    What happens to Ryback after Extreme rules

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    So who will Ryback Feud with After Extreme rules providing he loses at EC, See the video for my opinion.

    But who do you think Ryback will feud with, why will it start and How long will it last
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    I really like Ryback, brings back that classic domination presence that's so lost. However, with that being said, I'd like him to fade into the shadows a bit, re-build his character more as a heel (although I pref him face), have him bring back credibility to his name. I mean, after all he's lost countless PPV's, back to back.
    Sooner or later I'd like a feud between him an Sheamus. Prior to this, I'd like to see some sort of rampage, him dominating matches. He needs that monster aura like Lesnar.

    I'd like it to start with Sheamus befriending him on his loss, belittling his abilities to become a WWE Champion as well as putting away the Shield with him and Orton. Last for 8 weeks or so, before Ryback captures the WWE Championship as a monster heel.

    I have other ideas, which in some respects could pick him clean up from where he'll be after ER. That is to feud, not only with one person in the locker room, but to feud with many. Calling them out. I think, dont quote me, Stone Cold did this once.. kicking ass's left right and center. Have him go on a rampage, destroying people. His intentions are to get across he should still be the #1 contender and there is nobody better. When he eventually decimates the entire locker room, its 8-10 weeks down the line.. AND.. WAIT FOR IT.. The Best In The World returns. CM Punk. Either putting them in a full blown feud for the #1 contender spot, or triple threat with the Champion at that time, and let's face it, it's going to be the leader of borenation.

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    I think they turned him way to quick,
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    personally, i don't like him

    during a time where we all want so many different guys to succeed with the limited time they currently have, a guy like Ryback, a monster who dominates everyone in his path disallows that.

    the fact that he's a heel makes it easier to deal with, monster heels trump monster face any day, but this won't last for him
    not to mention he's not good on the mic and bores me pretty bad. compared to John Cena, i find Cena to be the "saving grace" for this feud.

    in summary:
    i prefer monster heels who run riot over the roster, which generates interest over who can stop them
    and like my faces as underdogs (legitimate ones, not John Cena and Rey Mysterio who are always the "underdog who overcomes the odds" and win constantly)

    so, yeah

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    Its pretty obvious they are building a longer fued between Cena and Ryback so it wont be over after extreme rules.This is how I would book the PPVs:
    Extreme Rules: Cena (c) fights Ryback to a draw in a last man standing match
    Payback: Cena (c) beats Ryback,Mark Henry and Big Show in a fatal 4-Way by pinning Henry
    So at this point Ryback hasnt actually been pinned in any wwe title match he has had against Punk or Cena apart from HIAC which was dirty.
    Fued ends at Money in the Bank with Cena (c) beating Ryback in a street fight then with Cena moving onto either Punk,Rock or Lesnar for S.Slam.Ryback could maybe fued with Sheamus,Orton,Kane or Bryan

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    Face turn, aaaaaaaannnnnnnnnddddddddd SMACKDOWN!

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    I think Ryback will win, I know I'll be in the minority here, but I just have this feeling.

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    I think Ryback needs to win the title or we won't take him seriously any more. I'd go with the lose the match and destroy Cena ending, but that won't happen if he's knocked out (LMS match). Either way, I see Cena-Ryback 2 at Payback.

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    Either get him a manager or job him out to possible main eventers like the Miz, Dolph Ziggler, and so on. He has no mic skills and he is not generating any type of heat with his promos. Instead of bringing back Punk to early let Heyman manage Ryback.
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    Ryback loses and stays heel: feud with Sheamus

    Ryback loses and turns face: Feud with Henry

    Ryback wins: continues feud with Cena.


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