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Thread: Post Mania WWE.

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    Post Mania WWE.

    Here i am. This is my first time in a Be The Booker so please be a little patient. How WM29 is over i will not modify any results. But what i will do, is write how much i can, how fast i can since 8 april 2013.


    HHH is in Vince's office as they have a look on the financial results on WM and Vince smiles.Told you Trips? Second most profitable Mania in history. With all the backstage problems. And you were telling me about wasting money on Lesnar and Rock? Here it is! Numbers never lie Paul

    Hunter looks unsatisfied as he has something to say. Financially, we are cool Vince. But i saw this wrestling business at its highest, and it seems that we are doing the same mistakes as WCW back in the day. We create a star in Punk, but we put Cena-Punk on Raw not on Mania and a shameful title run on Rock? On the long term, we are dead. Drew wants to leave, so does Cody, Randy has been linked to leaving for MMA. So we remain only with John , Punk and a few more comebacks?

    Vince laughs and tells HHH: Numbers, Paul, numbers. They never lie. But here is how we do it. If what you say is true, we will have problems. So here is how i see it. 6 months you get full control of WWE. From booking to production. If in 6 months Raw is not 5 in ratings, you are fired. Is that a deal?

    HHH looks really calm at his father in law, shakes his hand and says yes, adding that he will put it in writting. But from now on Vince the era of the Game is on

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    Raw preview on
    HHH talks business
    Cena talks about his new title reign. A rematch with Rock on the cards?
    The Mania match that did not happen Tons of Funk vs Rhodes Scholars plus 3 championships on the line
    Aj takes on Kaitlyn for the Divas title, Cesaro defends against an unnamed yet opponent and the rematch from Wrestlemania's pre show for the IC championship. Will the Miz retain or it will be just another elbow of the Barrett Barrage? All this and more on Monday Night Raw

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    I'll keep my eyes out for this. Good luck!


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