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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommy Thunder View Post
    To me, DiBiase was at his best when he was teaming with Cody Rhodes. Perhaps revisiting that tag team could be the way to go.
    Either way though, he's in the last chance saloon. When he returns to tv, it's make or break for him IMO. If he doesn't fianly manage to make something of himself this time round, he's gone IMO.
    Agreed with him being his best with Cody Rhodes. For me, I'd prefer they avoid the tag team route - more for Cody's sake than Dibiase's. Cody seems to have been linked to a tag team for a large chunk of his career, and I'd like to see how he does on his own. I thought he was pretty great during his paper-bag, clear mask phase.

    If they can figure out a way to make it happen, I think I'd prefer a singles feud between Cody and Ted before another run as tag team partners. They've certainly got the history.

    Could Ted be Kaitlyns secret admirer? Cody and her had some weird flirty thing going on a few (5 or 6 weeks) ago. I like the Big E theory, but just throwing it out there.

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    You are on your own there fella! Old Ted DiBesleepy is not the most entertaining guy tbh.

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    Become the 3rd man of the Primetime Players as a babyface faction and have Alicia Fox join them too

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    Quote Originally Posted by TomJarvis100 View Post
    Become the 3rd man of the Primetime Players as a babyface faction and have Alicia Fox join them too
    Now there is a odd idea for a three man stable...millions of dollars! MILLIONS OF DOLLARS!

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