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    When Tyson Kidd returns...

    So what do you think Tyson will do when he returns ? Go for the IC title ?

    Tag with JG again ?

    Have a non-title singles feud ?

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    Back into Tag action with Gabriel methinks. WWE dropped the ball with him bigtime, and although they have time to turn it around, I'd put my house on the fact they wont. Sad, but true.

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    He will be a tag team guy or lower midcard!

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    Last time I saw Kidd on Nxt he was a lot more impressive on the mic than I'd ever seen him be before. I hope that someone gives him a chance when he's fit.
    If I were booking it I'd have him disrupt a match with Justin Gabriel, beat him down and take to the mic. He'd cut a promo that while he was out injured JG stole his spot, that it should be him getting a match on Raw/Main Event/Smackdown and that from now on he was going to take back his spot. They'd have a non-title singles feud for a bit and, assuming they deliver, move on into the mid card.
    As much as I think Kidd's impressive in the ring he's not typical WWE material (too small, lacking charisma) so I think the US/IC title is the best he can hope for if all goes well.

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    Tyson kid is a great in ring talent but he needs a new character to connect with the fans so until that happens I don't see him doing anything but being a mid-card talent with no championship - sad but true

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    Given that they're talking about giving Gabriel a push towards the IC title, they might not pair Kidd back with him. A feud between both though could then be on the cards though.
    If they don't push Gabriel though, then I can see them teaming together again. They've just been keeping Gabriel on tv enough to keep him relevant, keep his face on screen. So I think they might just be wasting time with him while they wait for Kidd to return.

    Kidd's shown promise and growth on the mic though, so I'd like to see him given a singles run at some point, since his in-ring ability is amongst the best WWE has to offer.
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    If there is 1 guy on roster to bring el generico ( sami zayne ) to introduce to wwe main tv its this guy .. Personally I think the fued has makings of fresh tv and a cruiserweight fued the wwe has been missing

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    He will not be back on Tv again. He's done!!

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    Unfortunately I don't think WWE will push him.


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