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    Your Opinions On Test(Andrew Martin)

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    WWF Tag Team Championship (1 time) – with Booker T


    Personal Opinion:
    I absolutely loved Test;He was a big man and was pretty decent in the ring.He could also work as a bodyguard type as he was in the stable Un-Americans.He also had teams with A-Train,Scott Steiner,Booker T among others.Test never got the push he deserved;I'm not saying that he should've been World Champion but he still should've gotten an occasional main event or two.To think of it,he had the build(after make over),strength,the size etc.A typical wrestler that Vinny Mac loves.I'm surprised that he didn't feud with HHH after he drugged Steph and married her;That could've been a breakout moment for both of 'em.He seemed to be getting a push in ECW but suddenly got released due to a wellness policy suspension.He also had a forgettable run in TNA.


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    Moving this here on account of Test not being amongst the living.
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    I found he was quite similar to Matt Morgan
    a big athletic man who could move for his size
    shame he never went that far

    quite sad WWE didn't really acknowledge his passing much
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    I never really cared for Test as a viewer, he fit the same category as Shawn Staciak, Albert, and Droz at that time, they were mid-carders I never really cared about.. I was saddened to hear of his death and his depression before his passing though.. The OP posted about one storyline that I did like with Test, and that was his wedding with Stephanie McMahon, I remember when HHH took her through the drive thru Marriage Chapel, and it was played on the Titantron, oh it was classic..

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    I liked Test, for some reason he had more finishers than he did signatures? I believed his finisher should of been the gutwrench transitioned into a falling powerbomb. He should of gotten a push indeed.

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    I was never a big fan of Test, but for me i remember a quality match he had at Survivor Series 2001 in a IC/US title unification match against Edge.

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    My opinion on Test is he's dead. (Ok, not opinion but fact.) Beginning of the end for Test was signing with WWE and kayfabe getting involved with Steph.

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