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    He's future world champion by all means.. His mic work..agility...ring technique..everything is just so good.

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    I would start him off by breaking Zach Ryder's spirit...start small and at the same time change up Ryder's character a bit. Have Bray Wyatt break him mentally. New people will see him as a cerebral monster and Zach Ryder becomes more interesting as a character...maybe a lil darker compared to his Woo Woo Woo shit. That or have him go after Danial Bryan, I can see some great matches there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AWrestlingGod View Post
    I think he has that monster type feel, so I would have him go after Kane to prove how dangerous he really is.
    I can see that happening, as a way to bring Kane back to the heel side.

    Bray comes out and talks his shtick about being the Eater of Worlds, the Great Evil, etc., etc. Puts Kane over as being the bigger evil out of Undertaker and Kane, and that Kane no longer has to live in the shadows of Undertaker. Say he'll bring Kane back to the prominence of evil, if he joins his family.

    It could quite possibly turn it out very well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MachoManFan View Post
    I dunno about that. Wyatt and the Family are different kind of evil to Kane's "Devil's favourite demon" style, I'm not sure how or why they'd want to pick on Kane. I agree that Wyatt should assert himself as a monster by taking a serious scalp but I wouldn't pick Kane who, even as a face, always is a bit of a heel too.

    Bray Wyatt vs Jericho on Nxt was pretty impressive, he knows how to work well with a ring general like Jericho. Compare that to Fandango who looked like he was barely keeping up. I do hope they bring the whole family up at the same time although they good use a 3 man face team to feud with.
    Comparing a NXT environment with your first match on Wrestlemania is a horrible comparison.

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    The bray Wyatt character is awesome i always get a Charles Manson feel when he comes out!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crossclowned12 View Post
    Comparing a NXT environment with your first match on Wrestlemania is a horrible comparison.
    I'll give you that. Fandango certainly has looked more comfortable on TV than he did on "the grandest stage of all" but my point about Wyatt stands. Maybe it's his heritage or just more experience but he has that intuitive knowledge of what comes next that good wrestlers do.

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    Gotta love WWE. Put the NXT belts on The Wyatt family and then decide to move Bray up. Great timing if it happens

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    The man plays his character excellently well. Ha has size, agility, he cuts a mean promo and he captivates an audience. When he's speaking, you listen. I can't wait to see how it comes across when he makes the jump to the main roster.
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    He'll need a better called up than to bulk out the numbers of an injury prone stable that is feuding with John Cena, cause that would be a waste and I am sure they wouldn't put a second generation star in that position

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    One thing I noticed at the house show was he looked a tad bit repackaged. He was wearing a circa late 90's Undertaker type mask and a butchers apron.

    Didn't really make much sense to me, unless he really has a broken nose.

    I just hope they don't completely change this character because its amazing.


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