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    Technical Wrestling Appreciation Thread

    I figured that this didn't belong in the WWE Discussion thread but if it doesn't belong here either, a moderator can move it to its rightful area.

    Anyways, I made this thread for the purpose of talking about how use fans came to appreciate technical wrestling. Now all fans became fans in some way, shape or form. But for younger fans, they tend to not pick apart the product like us older fans do and instead become fans of alot of aspects of what's presented on TV. But there has to be some point where we appreciated technical wrestling and for some of us older fans, it's what some of us ultimately love about wrestling because it gives us a chance to see storytelling at its best.

    Like the stereotypical young fan, I didn't necessarily appreciate technical wrestling. I just wanted to see two dudes go at it and that was it. But it wasn't until around 2006 where I truly began appreciated technical wrestling. It all started when I saw one of my favorites, "He who shall not be named" go against Finlay at Judgement Day. I myself liked HWSNBN because of all of his submission moves but I never really saw a chance for him to go at it against another technical wrestler while appreciating the show they were putting on. That wasn't until I saw these two go at it. I even have the video below if you want to check it out.

    It really got me to appreciate technique and as a result, I found a new way to enjoy wrestling. So now that I've shown you my example, if you choose to do so, the rest of you can follow suit.


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