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    Favorite Ladder Matches?

    Post your favorite ladder matches in here (Money in the Bank counts to) it can be from TNA, and ROH as well.

    One of my favorite ladder matches of all time, in one that goes unnoticed would have to be the one with Shelton Benjamin and Christian at TLC 2009. It was an amazing ladder match, that showcased the talents between Christian and Shelton and it really was extreme, as it was for the ECW Title. I felt these two gave it there all, and the match was just innovative.

    The other one would have to be the Smackdown Money in the Bank Ladder Match from 2011. Being a huge Daniel Bryan fan I felt he was truely the underdog in the match, and when he won it was a moment I truely marked out for. And it was just a great ladder match in general.

    I would post more, but these two stick out the most right now.

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