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    Does Jeff Hardy count? I know he held one of the big championships and he was getting massive pops (louder than Brock and Rock's return reactions) around that time almost on a weekly basis.
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    It does bring prestige to a title when someone has to win their first world title cleanly, but putting in a negative way towards faces is just wrong. But what faces are left that have not won a world title yet that should? Kofi Kingston is the only one who comes to mind. And Cody Rhodes if he ever turned face.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Los Conquistador View Post
    seems unfair to disqualify christian based solely on edges retirements, especially when christian was no.1 contender at the time.
    his world title reign may have always been in the cards

    in regards to your topic, i admit its hard to think of any names in recent memory but you may have made this topic too complex with the person needing to be face, no money in the bank cash ins and Cena, Batista, Rey, etc. not counting

    i feel that debates are better here when the topic at hand is more simple not overly complex like this one
    I didn't disqualify Christian solely on his retirement but because of how long he held the title which was non significant imo.

    And I did not disqualify Cena, Batista, Rey, nor Jeff what I am saying is that it is very weird for a superstar to win their first Major title as a face, and do it so without an outside situation or mitb.

    I recall both Eddie and Chris Benoit both won their first Major title as faces, and though I didn't watch wrestling then Foley was also a face.

    I'll redo my question to which superstar won their first major title in WWE/F as a face since 1983? I think that is a fair timeline
    P.s correct me if i am wrong

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    It was a long time ago, the same can be said for heels, I think the last one was Mark Henry, I think the last face was jeff Hardy at armageddan 2008

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    I disagree with disqualifying a MITB win. If you want to say try don't count then edge never won the title off Cena and started there massive fueds. Punk never gets the gold and shows what he is capable of. You can't just pick and choose what counts. It's written in the title history.

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