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    WWE's biggest problem...

    ...or why you're missing out if you only watch Raw and/or Smackdown.

    I found myself with the time to watch Raw, Smackdown, Main Event and Nxt this week and I realised that most of the IWC would get their fix of longer matches, good wreslting and favourite wrestlers by watching all 4 main WWE programmes each week. This week we had Cesaro vs Kingston in a 20 minutes blinder of a match, Gabriel vs Slater was good too. On Nxt there was a tag triple threat match and great Divas bout between Summer Rae and Paige. The main event wasn't bad either.

    I don't know what the ratings usually are for Main Event and Nxt but it's safe to say 2 or 3 of the week's most entertaining matches will have been missed by IWC and casual fans alike. It really doesn't make sense to me. Cesaro vs Kingston should have headlined Smackdown or hour 2 of Raw, Paige and Summer Rae deserved a much wider audience too. Meanwhile, we're subjected to dance offs and arms wrestling on the A and B shows.

    I understand that Main Event needs good matches to draw an audience but if people get bored with watching the flagship show(s) how will they ever be convinced to watch the others?

    Let's try to not turn this into a negative thread, Raw and Smackdown have their good matches too, but don't you think WWE would be better all 'round if they gave more prominence to these higher quality matches?

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    Lots fall back on over-exposure and under-exposure...... Raw is always over hyped up and so is Smackdown for the most part.... Then you have 2ndary or B and C shows as well as D shows... Main Event, Saturday Morning Slam, Superstars, NXT, Raw AM which sometimes get little attention, due to cable companies, time they come on, and etc... but should that be the case in this day and time?? No... It just the way the WWE has always marketed their shows...
    Gotta say an agree some of the best matches are on Main Event, Superstars, SMS, and Nxt...
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    I'd love to but I just simply don't have time to watch that much wrestling a week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Ziggles View Post
    I'd love to but I just simply don't have time to watch that much wrestling a week.
    Very strong point. They just have too much going on in one week. It loses meaning when you have WWE on 5 times a week. I like the tension built up for the next episode. And personally, I would prefer a brand division between Smackdown and Raw, that way specific stars are showcased on specific shows and the only way to watch those stars is to watch the show their on. Allows for a lot more stars to be showcased.

    Plus NXT costs money apparently to watch on Hulu. I would love to watch NXT but I am not paying money to watch it. Correct me if I am wrong or if there is another way to watch it.
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    Hence the problem. It's not often I have time to watch 5 wrestling shows a week (including tna) and I'd love to be able to just watch Raw and Smackdown and know I'm seeing the best WWE has to offer. I would like to see the brand split back as well, I think some guys are over exposed when a defined brand split would mean more air time for some of the guys lower down the order.

    Cross, I get pirates of Nxt but besides that I wouldn't know when it airs or if it's available free anywhere.

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    You have to watch NXT its madness not to!!

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    I just wish they could cut and paste Main event into RAW and Smackdown. Hell sometimes Main event gets better matches then both of them!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ewantu2 View Post
    I just wish they could cut and paste Main event into RAW and Smackdown. Hell sometimes Main event gets better matches then both of them!
    I've considered doing this myself but then I realised I'd still have to watch all the rubbish to make my own "best of"!
    I'd say instead of a Raw Rebound or From the Vault match have a Recap of Main Event. I don't know how they'd show a full match on Raw without the live audience getting bored but, considering that they film Main Event matches at Smackdown, there's no reason why they couldn't show one on Smackdown too.

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    To be honest... I can give a miss to Raw and smckdwn anytime..but to NXT... Hell No!!!!! This show is so much have great divas match..great tag team match..high flyers..guys like corey grvs..bray wyatt..ohno.. o' their all in the ring..with better storyline.. on main shows its all about "replays"....

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    wwe would be better if they brought this back


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