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    Random, watching a few X-Pac videos and I know he's not the most liked wrestler of all time. But for some reason I felt when I first started wrestling that X-Pac was actually pretty good in the ring. I mean if you watch some of his videos he could do springboard spin kicks. frog splashes, different springboard planchas. I mean he was never world champion material, but I think he was actually pretty talented. I mean he did have his fair share of decent matches, and his feud with Kane was a pretty awesome feud. I remember a time when X-Pac was getting a lot of heat because he was boring, but I didn't always find him as such. So what do you guys think of X-Pac? I found him pretty decent, and even a little bit underrated.


    His epic feud with Kane

    His top 35 moves

    A little match with him and Jericho

    His Wrestlemania match with Shane O Mac.

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    I've never understood the heat for X-Pac either. I mean the terms 'X-Pac heat'? I hate it.

    I always liked X-Pac. Decent in the ring, plenty of exciting moves in his arsenal, and had his fair share of great matches. I agree that he was never world championship material, but he was good to watch put on a match IMO.
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