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    The question would be, WHY should he face Cena. Taker usually has reasons for his WM matches. There is a story built there. What story could they build around Cena challenging Taker, or Taker challenging Cena? The only thing i could imagine would be Taker going for the title one more time. Maybe the undisputed title to then retire with it.
    Otherwise i see no base on WHY they should fight. One is the biggest face of the company, the other one is ... well..the Undertaker.
    Now Lesnar...i would be worried that he would legitimately injure Taker, and pull an asshat move on him, considering the bad blood between them.
    So. My answer would be: i dont know. there is noone on the current roster good enough or that would make sense fighting Taker.
    Wrestling lost the spectacle factor.


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