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    I would have liked to have seen it happen, but it's to late now I think. Next year will be Taker's last match IMO, with him facing John Cena at Wrestlemania.
    You could argue that Taker is in much better shape than he's previously been in in the last 2 years or so, and might continue to work Wresltemania for a few more years, but I don't think so. I think Wrestlemania 30 is the perfect time for him to go out, and a match at the event against John Cena is the ultimate match at this point. Hard to believe that they havent' done Jericho vs Taker at Wrestlemania before now though.
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    4 matches I wouldn't mind see taker having at wm

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    Honestly, Cena is the only formidable opponent for Taker that might actually have us wondering if Taker will retire undefeated. I can't see anyone else fighting him and pulling off the win. No one else has anything to gain. Rock and Brock are part timers...and no one on the current full time roster, other than Cena, would be believable in any way.

    Cena is it. It's the only possibility left where we might actually wonder if the Streak will end.

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    Have Kevin Nash* take on Undertaker at WM 30 that would be epic

    *Denotes that this statement may or may not be sarcastic though the likelyhood is that sarcasm is in play**

    **Hell yeah its sarcasm
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    Thing is with Jericho at the moment, he's just there to facilitate with putting over other talent. He loses more than wins these days, so I'm not sure he'd be believable as a threat to Taker any more. This should have been done years ago.

    It would be as bad booking as having Ziggler lose lots of matches, then win the WHC, then continue to lose in non title matches after...... oh wait!!

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    I'd love to see it be Jericho vs UT as that match up would probably make me buy a ticket for WM since its gonna be very near- but its probably Cena getting the nod- Yaaaaay- like Cena really needs it- losing or ending the streak

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    Not gonna lie, would be one of my dream matches. I'm not really sure if I'd want him to end the streak or not. I still think Michaels is the only one that should have even had the possibility.
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    Can't rule it out but i think it will be UT vs. Lesnar at Wm30.

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    This is one of those matches everybody would love to see.I mean,two icons!Y2J and Undertaker,at the greatest stage of em all!!
    They would put one hell of a match that would steal the show if it have enough time!
    But It would be one of the most predictable match ever,as After everything Jericho is doing so far,there is no chance that someone would predict his victory after Taker..
    Unless Jericho Beat Cena,Rock,Brock and HHH.Then the outcome of his match with Taker would become totally unpredictable xD Still,totally insane and improbable case here.

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    After his performance against FhhaaanDhhhaaanGhhooo at this years 'mania, and his below expectations performance against CM Punk last year, it's safe to say that Y2J vs The Phenom @next years/any 'mania won't happen.

    I'd certainly like to see a feud between the two before both call it a day, though--no doubt there would be plenty of entertainment to be found out of that.
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