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    Lightbulb Should Vince Mcmahon create a 3rd brand?

    I have been playing with this idea for over a year now. I think that the WWE should start hiring a lot of new talent for a new brand where we could see the likes of Christian, MVP, Kofi Kingston, and those other guys who are being held back by backstage politics end up excelling on this new brand as main eventers with the mid carders an such consisting of entirely new faces. My idea is similar to NXT but not AS stupid. I think this 3rd brand could be a great idea, and should be given a Tv-13 or 14 rating so that the WWE could PLEASE both kinds of fans. I have nothing against the PG rating. I just really enjoy WWE's Tv-14 writing style, and miss it a lot. Particularly for me being 90's-2004 as my favorite years of wrestling. I would like to see the crusherweight division back, and a set of new titles, and a whole entirely different creative team for this brand.

    This is a 'just for fun' discussion so state your ideas. Maybe a wrestler or creative member from WWE would stumble upon this an make it a reality..
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    Its a good idea but how would wwe cover all of this financially? I heard they were suffering for awhile with Raw an sd.
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    They took a known brand ECW, ruined its memory, let all of its original members go or leave. They do not need another brand.. If the put FCW on something like SyFi, WGN or some other national cable channel.....and just not say its connected to the WWE in anyway.

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    NXT that is all

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    They tried it before. Didn't go over so well.

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    no point, there was obviously something not going right if they pulled the third brand (ECW) earlier this year, whats the point of taking down a 3rd brand just to put another back up
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    You guys are forgetting that ECW was destroyed on purpose. See, ECW kicked ass until' Heyman left. Heyman protected it. It was formerly his SHOW so Vince let him do pretty much whatever he wanted. An the idea of a 3rd brand is stupid. Just look at NXT. All 3 seasons have been a waste of my time, and it's a miracle that the show is even still being aired. It's making the last few days of ECW look good. They should just focus on making SD! an Raw look better.
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    I have said it before and I will say it again.... WWE and WCW should have been kept seperate with their seperate rosters and seperate titles. Same to be said with ECW..... Obviously you could have had a draft every year, but WWE ruined wrestling with the invasion and basically decimated the brands, especially WCW.

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    He should make a brand called The Cenation Brand. He can have Cena on it Vs legitimate superstars who are entertaining in matches, where he gets his ass kicked, then somehow over comes dangerous amounts of damage and enters SuperCena mode and makes everyone cry in agony with the STF. Then he can constantly use the same awful joke he's used for weeks on end about Sheamus while he sells brightly coloured shirts to kids.

    Oh wait, they've got a show like that. Its called RAW.

    But seriously, No.

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    a thrid brand does sound good, but the problem is they are unifying titles, so they wont make a 3rd brand. they would be waisting thier talent even more unless they go to the point where when unifying title any superstar can be on any show. that probably wont happen either. and as going for the tv 13 or 14 thats not gonna work because serioulsy WWE only has a handfull of stars that would be fun to wacth in hardcore macths. Kane, HHH, taker, Orton edge big show all the other already have the nice guy or the im better then you or the kid money maker. so this is kinda pointless to create a 3rd brand from the WWEs point of view


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