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    Quote Originally Posted by marooned View Post
    Then I don't have any idea why you find him boring now.
    He's boring now because he is so 2D, emotionless and has lacked any character development past his first couple of months.

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    I don't think anything is going to kill Ryback because he is Vince's type and he is going to push him to the moon reguardless. There is no doubt that he will be WWE champion soon. Oh and just thought I'd add... The greatest catchphrase ever is "Yes" and the second best is "No" "Ryback Rules"??? don't stand a chance.

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    "Feed me more" is of the best chants of all time. Even the smarks chant it. Now he will most likely stop using it till he turns face again. But i like his Ryback rules too, i think he means hes on top of the WWE.

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    hmmmm an entire thread dedicated to a catchphrase.... looks to me it did exactly what it was supposed to do , get him attention... good or bad, he has your attention.... hence the catch phrase worked, hence it is a good catchphrase... is it irritating... hell ya
    just because i didn't agree doesn't mean i didn't listen, it just means you were wrong. Now go away please.

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    It is very cheesy. It's odd for me to say though because just 7 years ago when I was 14 every other word or so was "Rules".

    I do miss those days though.
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