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    Batista: Yes or No?

    Recently Batista stated he has no plans of returning to MMA or WWE though not opposed to WWE (read between the lines).
    Would you like to see him make a comeback and take on Ryback or Lesnar? Is there someone else you would rather see him face or do you think he should stay away?

    I think it would be cool to see him back especially now that he's 44 yrs old and time is not on his side. But I also think he should put over some future talent.

    Your input?

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    I wouldn't mind seeing Batista back, I mean he did have some pretty good matches but he's still pretty old. But deep down inside I really want to see Batista Vs Brock Lesnar for some reason. I know the match may not be the best, but it's still something I want to see. So yes.

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    Never been a Batista fan personally. I always thought he was kinda overrated. I also find it hilarious that they were treating him as one of the young guns in Evolution when he was actually older than Triple H. Just thought I'd throw that out there.
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    Fuuuuuuck no! Batistas garbage! Good riddance!

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    Batista is great and IMO one of the best 'Muscle men', to come through in recent times, and one of my favorites in recent times, so I'd mark out if he returned so yeah, my votes for yes.

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    I do not think he will return unless he gets a part-time contract, however i would love to see him back I've always been a fan of his, yes he has been boring at times but he has also had some decent feuds.

    ...Match of the year...

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    Only if it's full time or at least a Chris Jericho type schedule. WWE shouldn't get carried away with bringing in part timers. All they're really doing is upping the buy rates for whatever PPV their on. That's not going to help them in the long run. Batista should be used to work with younger talent to help put them over. Yeah maybe work with the likes of Rock or Lesnar at big events like SummerSlam or WrestleMania but help make new stars for the future.

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    Why not. Being tired of watching the same matches over and over again(not rematches like Cena vs Rock, matches like Kofi vs Ziggler and more). Also his return will mix up the title picture either on RAW or Smackdown

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    I'm not a Batista fan, but if he returns, I would like him to be heel. He is so boring as a face. Also if it's to have him feud vs guys he already feud before, then NO it's not a good idea. A heel Batista, to put overs young talents, OK. Anything else NO thanks.

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    Batista should team with Randy Orton if he were to return. They could run amok as monster heels for a month or two until they announce that there's a third member of their group.

    John Cena.

    They could call themselves nWoVw
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