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    A New TNA Video game.

    Simple thread if TNA were to make a new video game, what would you want to see in the video game. A general manager mode? Legends? What do you want to see.

    For me, I hated the fact the old video game didn't have full entrances. I thought that was the most stupid thing, I feel TNA should have the option to have a 6 sided ring and a 4 sided ring.

    For the story mode I will have a storyline where you play as old tna wrestlers like Styles, and Daniels were you try to make things like they once where, bringing back the old TNA title. Trying to take out the new wrestlers on the roster. I would have 6 different characters to chose from 3 TNA originals like Styles, Daniels, and maybe Bobby Rhode. Vs TNA new stars like Aries, Sting, and Angle. It would be different.

    These are just a few things that come to mine, what do you guys think.


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