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    What is the most interesting feud currently in WWE?

    Simple premise for a thread that I think has some potential if it can avoid being derailed. I was wondering what feud currently in WWE is intriguing my fellow IWC members the most? As the creator of the thread I do have an obligation to state my opinion on this issue as well or it will likely be closed but feel free to disagree with me.

    I'm going to go with the Team Hell No! feud with the shield. While there isn't really a title on the line in this feud and personally I don't think the shield should ever break into a 2 man team in order to face Team Hell No! for the titles I think this feud has a ton of potential. I noted that Daniel Bryan is now coming off less crazy and more as a face which could help him later if he decides to make a run at a major title. Kane is becoming obsessive of the shield which could help him in a later heel run and puts him back on his old persona of being sort of a loose cannon. The shield has constantly gotten the better of team hell no! which will help all three of them in the future because they are two former world champions and the current tag team champions... but here is why I think this feud is the most interesting... Every other feud I have an idea of how it's going to end and I really don't know with the shield and Team Hell NO! The shield could spell the end for team hell no or vice versa. This has potential to be one of the better feuds of the PG era IMO.

    I want to say I actually care about the divas title feud more than the WWE title feud at the moment... I'm just throwing it out there. I'm not saying it's a great feud but it has more potential to be entertaining than the current WWE title picture. Though the World Title picture IMO is the greatest of any current title feud.

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    In my opinion there isn't a interesting feud going on in WWE, they need an all new creative department made up of people who actually know what a long running and interesting feud actually is.

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    It was Jericho and Fandango for a bit. but I will go with Ziggler Vs Swagger Vs Del Rio like helmsley.

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    The miz v himself

    To hell with insincerity. Fuck you!

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    Team Hell No vs S.H.I.E.L.D.

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    ADR vs Swagger is actually the best feud
    I don't put Ziggler in it because he is not feuding with them, they will face ar ER in a triple threat that's all.

    There is Team Hell No vs The Shield but as it's the same thing week after week since it all started and the outcome is already know, its boring and needs to end at ER. Their feud is boring, only the match are entertaining, except the outcome as I said cause it's already know.

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    I agree with Dennis about Shield/Hell No. However, I feel differently about a small point that was made. As far as it being unpredictable and not using the titles, I think it is predictable in that the Shield will very likely win their probable ppv match/feud, and after reading the Smackdown spoilers (spoiler alert), the titles will also be on the line.

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    Kaitlyn vs. Aj

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