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    Frank, You killed the fucking forums!!!

    So I know this will get deleted and I'll probably be banned but oh well. When I joined this site, the forums were amazing. Maybe they weren't the best but they were awesome. But constant crashes and promises from a admin who didn't seem to care made the site less enjoyable. Than the changes to the layout and to the main page came and there was even more problems. Than Frank, you just disappeared. You put all the effort into the front and forgot about the faithful users of your forums. Now the forums are a wasteland. So here's to you Frank, you killed your forums. Go fuck yourself

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    You had me until "the forums were amazing".

    It never was.
    Meet me beyond the emptiness
    And only then will you see
    All that you have in this world Is all that you need

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    After checking out other places this one still had/has the best community I have ever seen. It sucks that Frank decided to let it go southward like this. They promised us many new features which they never delivered. Remember that cool overly hyped mobile version idea Frank tossed around? So do I! I am not even mad anymore though. It is blatantly clear that none of the EWN staff cares about losing nearly 600+ visitors. So why should I care and continue to kick a dead horse? While the alternatives suck compared to what this place used to be.. They all sound better than this place right now.
    Hey.. I'm not telling you anything that you don't already know.


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    I would post, but nearly all of my post, appear to need post moderation. So that kinda killed it for me.

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