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Thread: Title prestige

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    Title prestige

    A thing i have noticed about the IEW is that they keep going on and on about "Prestige" and some have been saying the title losses prestige when someone has a 1 day reign (Miz) how does that make any sense? I can agree if they do a Santino (Not defend it and not have any feuds for the title) But how does losing 3 matches in a row make the prestige go down? Do wrestlers suddenly stop wanting to win the belt when they see the holder lose matches?

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    It's us overthinking things. Using techbojargen to give us a sense of knowing something we know nothing about.

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    I agree with SESAfro on this.

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    I've never been a fan of the word "prestige" anyways. With the way some of the Internet using wrestling fans use it, it's only done to suit their needs i.e. when a favorite wrestler of theirs loses a title in a few months, prestige is lost, when a wrestler they don't like is champion, prestige is lost, when a championship doesn't get defended on every single weekly show, prestige is lost. The selfish and whiny connotation that comes behind "prestige" only sullies any sort of booking that's done with a championship no matter how good it is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by venom28- View Post
    I agree with SESAfro on this.
    I agree with venom28 if that is your real name. jk

    But it seems especially the midcard titles mean absolutely nothing. Cesaro is the epitome of this. He held the US title for a good amount of time and now he can't win a match and is reduced to yodeling.


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    At the end of day the titles are just props used to generate storylines, so when those storylines are poor, it reflects badly on the title.

    That's how it works to me.

    One day title reigns to one year title reigns they mean nothing if not booked correctly, as they fall flat and are unmemorable, and an unmemorable title run is not good for 'prestige'.

    I don't think prestige is the right word, but there is no wrestling equivalent.

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    Yeah sometime the championship makes the champ or the champ makes the championship...its all in the storytelling...

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    That is the problem these days. The champions go in to face main event talents and lose every single time. No mention of the title really at all by the main event talent. Why should I care about the title or acknowledge it if the talent doesn't even want it who is in the ring with the champion? Beating Big Show is more important to Orton than the IC title? This is why they should just stay in the same division of guys who are contenders for the belt. Have Kofi's, R-Truth, Cesaro, Barrett, Santino, Ryder, whoever else wrestling in tags, 6 mans, or w/e. Don't have them lose the main talent every single week. How many times does beating Barrett help Orton? Doesn't make me look at him as stronger. What they should do is a 6 man with those guys. It isn't like team hell along with Shield will get no reaction in the hour before the main event. Also gives more slots for other talent to get on the show specifically the divas. God forbid that happens. Idiots want to see cruiserweight division return? Yea, so it can become an afterthought again. No thanks.....let it rest.

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    Always a touchy and complicated issue title belts in wrestling.... As said above lots have to do with booking and storytelling.... Which can be complicated...... I come from a day when the Ic title and Us title was always the top 2nd belts of their respected companies..... The days of Hogan vs Savage, Flair vs Nikita, Warrior vs Perfect, Flair vs Windom, Bret vs Shawn, Sting vs Rude....both belts had a reason a meaning..... Right now I think lots fall back on creative with the lack of building credible stars or great midcard rivals and storylines, not taking nothing away from the current champions or even former champions.... Back in the 80s and 90s esp you had great feuds over both belts or any title..... Nikita vs Magnum TA for the US title, Tully Blanchard vs Dusty Rhodes for the TV title, Ricky Steamboat vs Randy Savage for the IC title.... I could go on.... But most probably know what i'm talking about.....

    For the upper titles World, World tag even, and WWE title the same applies in most cases.... to many feuds is either rushed in building or to slow starting.....
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    "Prestige", in this instance, is a totally subjective and completely pointless measure used by IWC keyboard critics, who believe they are actually in a position to declare the "worth" and "level" a title is currently being portrayed at. In other words it's chucked around by delusional morons who believe their opinion is absolute.


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