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    Let's add this to WWE? NO!!

    Let's bring back the cruiserweight division!! Bring in some guys from Japan....let us add this and that. It bothers me when people continue to beat the dead horse that is the cruiserweight division. The cruiserweight division is dead and I want it to stay that way. The only thing that would happen is if they brought it back. It would be exciting for a few months, than it would turn into garbage. Why should WWE add more mess to the already mess that is the WWE midcard divisions. Divas hardly get time on tv. How do you believe the cruiserweights will get TV time? Let the cruiserweight division rest in peace. Adding another title to WWE is like adding wood to a fire. They need to focus on the titles they have and making them more prestigous. How often will that title make a ppv? Thoughts?

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    Ok, what would it replace? One of the midcard titles? I watch raw on a weekly basis and sometimes smackdown and I care less about the IC and US title than I do about the Divas title. Focusing on one mid-card title and one gimmick title couldn't be any worse than having two pathetic shell titles that no one cares about. Best case scenario people could get into the cruiserweight division and we could get some exciting action for stars who are not already featured often. Superstars like Justin Gabriel, Tyson Kidd, and Sin Cara could greatly benefit from this. When I was a kid the cruiserweight and mid card titles were my favorite titles. Those were the feuds I wanted to see. Now they don't even make wrestlemania haha.

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    I agree Dennis. As a kid while I was fascinated with the stories of the heavyweights, the matches I wanted to see involved the cruiserweights. There's no greater tragedy in my mind than the loss in value of the IC and US championships. Both of those belts were important in the late 90's. It was a jumping off point for a build to a main event title. Wrestlers who were getting good crowd support or good crowd heat would get the belt to push them further and build credibility for a future main event title run. Now they are just things that get put on people as testers for whether or not they deserve to be pushed.

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    If the WWE is going to create a gimmick title, which is what the Cruiserweight title is to me, I'd prefer them to create a new one. Maybe a submissions only title and call it the Breaking Point Championship. I think that could be a nice little title. Plus it could get submission experts over. Imagine how much easier it would be to get the Miz over with the Figure-Four Leglock if he was going after a Submission title.
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    How bout the 'Tap Out Title'? Lol

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    I actually totally agree and the company has many cruiserweights right now so they could really do it without bringing in a lot of extra talent. Also, there is really no need to have it replace another title. It could just be another one to throw in. The WWE used to seem more competitive and their titles used to seem worth more when they had more belts so the fact that the belts seem worth less now I don't necessarily think has to do with the number of belts.

    I'd say add it and have some great matches. Treat it like a sports title or something important. Treat all belts this way, just makes it seem more competitive and important.
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    Or introduce another show especially for cruiserweights like the one being rumoured for the last 2 years.

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    To be honest they need to get rid of the IC title or the US title! The last time both titles had interesting feuds at the same time was at TLC 2011. It was also the last time i gave a shit about the US title.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cabers View Post
    Or introduce another show especially for cruiserweights like the one being rumoured for the last 2 years.
    If the WWE Network ever gets off the ground, then i can definitely see this happening.
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    How about a peoples championship, where fans vote for the number one contenders, since WWE are obsessed with their social media footprint, surely that would give them more traffic.

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