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Thread: Chris Sabin

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    Just glad he is back. If only Shelly was back too. Tag Team or against each other- they just had great chemistry

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    agreed! i just want shelly back he was awesome in the ring either one could be the babyface of the company and take the title off bully. i personally would want shelly to do it more than sabin
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    If they booked him rite i would love seeing him back X division.It would kick start that division and as i said if he where to win the X Division title been with Aces and Eights could lead up to great feuds not to mention further A+8s dominance in each division.

    I just think it would be too early to put him in the world title scene as he has been out quite a while so i would like to see his character grow first and perhaps down the line back stab A+8s and then challenge Bully for the title.

    Also like AJ i think he is going to bring a new move set to protect his body so really just looking forward to seeing him back.
    1 of the few TNA originals who was round in year like 2 or 3 battling against TNA? Why not have him be one of the members to take down the group?

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    AJ i think is the main guy there focused on for taking down TNA so i think Sabin would make more a impact joining A+8s first,Winning the X Division Title but later on discovered that Himself, AJ, Joe and maybe Magnus where all in it together on taking A+8s down

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    Welcome back Sabin. Good showing last night and I marked a bit when I heard “HAIL SABIN” coming from my television. Enjoyed seeing the Quackendriver #3 as a new finisher for him (I wonder what he'll call it). Rob Terry with his new finisher, AJ with a new submission finisher, Sabin returns with a high impact driver for a new finisher... I am wondering who will be the next one to debut a new finish. I wish the best for Sabin and I was very happy to see that he was able to go at a high rate of speed in his match. I can't wait to see King vs. Williams vs. Sabin next week as there should be a nice balance in styles between the 3 men. Hopefully Sabin is back and will finish out the rest of his career without anymore major injuries; you could hear the frustration in his voice of having to miss the past 2 years of action.

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    As much as I would like to see the return of the MCMG I really hope TNA gives Sabin the singles push he deserves. Hail Sabin!!!

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    In his return promo thing, he said he doesn't wan to be just tag team champion, or Just X-division champion, he wants to be world champion.

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    I love Chris Sabin, he's my 3rd favorite X-Division superstar of all time. I always felt he was my favorite member of MCMG, and should be considered one of top X-Division superstars of all time. But he's done so much in the X-Division I think it's time for him to step up and become a main-eventer in TNA, I think he could shine just like AJ Styles. I hope to see him as a World Champion in TNA in the future. But for right now, I just want to see some great matches from him.

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