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    Wrestlemania XIX

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    Having seen every Wrestlemania and attending 18 in person, would still have to give the nod to #5 with 6, 13, 18 and 22 rounding out the top 5 in no particular order. These were the most action packed cards from top to bottom of any in history. There were certain hype matches in most Wrestlemania's, but these 5 had the most balanced cards in my opinion. Watch and you will probably agree should you have the appreciation for the old matches and not one of the people who only know the last 5 to 10 years of wrestling as most of the people who I've come across in the IWC.

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    I enjoyed wrestlemania 8,It had two of the greatest feuds going on at the time in rick flair facing of against the macho man.And then bret hart going over roddy piper to win the intercontinentel title and really start his run as a top wrestler.

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    Probably Wrestlemania 17. It was a good card overall not just a few matches like nowadays.


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