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    Whats Your Favourite/Best Wrestlemania?

    Title says it all.

    I'd go with Wrestlemania 17 or 19. Wrestlemania 18 was decent too.

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    Wrestlemania 17. IMO the greatest Wrestlemania ever produced

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    wrestlemania 17 was best ever had austin vs rock, the best tlc match out them all, taker vs hhh, many great 18 was also good but 17 would say was best

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    13, 14, 16, and 17 are probably the top though, for me
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    Definitely Wrestlemania 17!
    TLC match made it awesome
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    Either Wrestlemania IV or Wrestlmania VI

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    Yes 17 & 18 were awesome Wrestlmania's but Im also a big fan of 10(X)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bodom View Post
    Wrestlemania 17. IMO the greatest Wrestlemania ever produced
    Agree to the max. Best of all time for me.

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    I think WrestleMania XIV is very very underrated, I thought that was a great PPV for the time

    I've also got some major man love on WrestleMania VI simply because for me it had the Biggest Pro Wrestling match ever as the Main Event Hulk Hogan vs The Ultimate Warrior

    I also think WrestleMania VII had the potential to be the best WrestleMania of all time but Vince and Co. ruined it by taking the World Title off the Warrior and pushing Hogan/Slaughter as the World Title match, for what they where all about, the Title was the last thing those two guys needed, Warrior/Savage would have been a far superior way to end that show and for me it would be thought about in far better light than it is


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