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    5 Future WWE Champions on the current roster.

    To me the WWE Champion is much more important than the World Heavyweight Championship, now others may argue this. But I feel to be the WWE Champion is a much higher honor, then holding the world title. I mean Khali held the world title, I doubt he would have ever won the WWE Championship, because the company knows that would be a joke. So my question is who on the roster do you see being a future WWE Champion. You can also list wrestlers who have held the World title, but not the WWE title (example Jack Swagger.)

    For me I see

    1. Daniel Bryan - I know there is a belief that Daniel Bryan is to small to be the top WWE Champion, but if one remembers he was strongly considered to take the title off of CM Punk during his long title reign. I know Bryan has respect from a lot of the wrestlers in the back, he even had the honor to team with the Deadman, so I have a feeling Bryan will be a WWE Champion in the future.

    2. Ryback- Well this is an easy one, Vince loves him. He has the look, the intensity, and I can easily see him being a multiple time WWE Champion.

    3. Mark Henry - I know he will retire in the future, but for some reason I see Henry becoming the first African-American WWE Champion in history, and after all his hardwork I say he deserves it.

    4. Roman Reigns - This guy is a beast, he's strong and is just damn scary. Plus being the cousin of the Rock helps a lot more than people think. I see this guy having a long career, and a WWE Champion is sure to be apart of it.

    5. Cody Rhodes - I know Rhodes has not really made much of an impact lately, but there is no denying Rhodes is really talented, he has turned every gimmick given to him into gold. He's only 27, he's a second generation superstar, and I can see young Cody being the face of the WWE in the future.


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