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Thread: Face/Heel Turns

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    I really hope Dolph Ziggler will not turn face anytime soon. We haven't seen actually all what he can do as a heel. Someone here said that he should take Edge's gimmick and yes, I think he would be perfect in that. Dolph Ziggler, the new ultimate opportunist ^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kilborn View Post
    The comparison to Mr. Perfect Curt Henning and Dolph Ziggler are many. Does anyone remember when Mr. Perfect turned face against Ric Flair? Mr. Perfect didn't change his gimmick or his attitude. He just changed who he wrestled. I think Dolph would be better with a different finisher. He can be a face and still be the show-off.
    Ziggler accepts moves like Henning, but he's more like a Billy Gunn to me. Henning was one of the best in-ring technicians of his time. Ziggler is not (yet).

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    Once the Shield splits, Rollins will definitely be a great face. With his current gimmick, Heath Slater would be a great midcard face and he could replace Kofi, who should either turn heel or move upwards in the hierarchy. Ryback's heel turn was a wrong move, but turning him back to face soon would be even worse. Miz's face turn had the potential to be a huge thing, but WWE screwed up there.

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    Cody Rhodes should turn face and create a face power couple with Kaitlyn and feud with Ziggler's group.
    Brad Maddox is the new face of the WWE!

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    Does Sheamus need a heel turn

    With all the talk of Heel turns and Face turns ( it never stops anyway) I think everyone forgot how much better Sheamus is as a heel than as face. Sheamus was a bad ass as a heel, as a babyface he is okay but he just doesn't reach the same levels IMO. Check out my video on it, Gives a much better view on the subject.

    So......Should Sheamus turn heel ?
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    Orton's is way longer overdue, they would both probably benefit from one.

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    For him personally yes, but for the company no, they are over saturated with heels ATM.

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    No no no no no no no

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    Maybe some time down the road yeah but for right now, I think Sheamus is a great face. He's one of the rare breed of wrestlers that arre capable of being good on either ends of the spectrum. And the WWE needs more like that.

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    As much as Sheamus as a face doesn't really do it for me, I think he appeals to the younger crowd, with the big red hair, corny jokes and the like, and as much as I don't like it, there is a place for those guys whom the kiddies enjoy.
    Also, when Sheamus was a heel a few years back (i think he wrestled HHH at Wrestlemania if my memory serves me) he was brutal. I'm sure he would do better now, but he seemed total inept at going over as a heel.


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