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Thread: Face/Heel Turns

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    He's great as he is.. but I think Dolph Ziggler could be a great face. He won't want to I think, and he won't be better than as a heel, but it could be better for WWE.

    Daniel Bryan could do it to, in his current wacky way. Could be the next Mankind.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jelle1809 View Post
    I recently read an article about WWE actually lacking face superstars (beyond the usual John Cena, Randy Orton & Kofi Kingston) compared to their oversized heel equivalent, where most of those stars are lost in the mix of an oversized talentfull but misused roster.

    My question is which superstar do you think could benefit most from a face turn? Don't just say a star, add up why you think it can help a current superstar lost in the mix as a heel.

    As for my guess. Completely out of the box I know, but I'd pick Damien Sandow.

    I think he could become a great superstar for the younger fans. Imagine Sandow coming out starting to act that he wants to educate the childs in the crowd. He could become a better merch seller, which will add up in WWE's financial results (what Vince will like.) Plus he will be able to help put over the heels in exchange.

    Dolph Ziggler,

    I would love to see Ziggler go full face. I think if done right they can really make a lot of money off of him and his merchandise. I would say one day having him turn on Langston and AJ Lee. I think Ziggler should give the zig zag to Langston and walk out on AJ Lee. Only then to later announce that he doesn't need them followers. He would then go on to say he doesn't need Langston and AJ Lee to be the best, as long as the WWE Universe supports him he will destroy anybody and everybody that gets in his way.

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    Dean Ambrose i just don't find him that much interesting so far(as a heel).

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    Quote Originally Posted by DK Wrestling Savior View Post
    Misuse of talent is something that always gets tossed around. So I'm curious, who is being misused in your eyes?
    Guys like Hunico, Tyson Kidd, Cody Rhodes, Michael (Hennig) McGillicuty, Wade Barrett, etc...

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    They shouldn't turn Dolph. Let him be the heel he built himself up to be. They do need better faces. It's Cena and a couple guys who are weaker versions of Cena. Orton shouldn't be a face. It's time to let Daniel Bryan go on a big solo run. That would help. As far as turning a guy, why not Swagger? I'm not buying into Jack Swagger's America being a heel force to take seriously and he could get lost in the shuffle real quick. Slowly turn it into a comedy show with him, Zeb and some ridiculousness. If that doesn't work, then go all in on an "All American Stoner" character. It's time, WWE!

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    I have always thought Dolph Ziggler needed to turn face. He can be very similar to how he is now, only as a face, he can actually win matches on his own. He would be a "cool" face for kids to get behind. Just as long as he doesnt over do it (like the Miz).

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    And I love Swagger as a heel, but for some reason I think he would make a great face. Or just turn Ryback back into a face. Can't think of anyone else right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jelle1809 View Post
    which superstar do you think could benefit most from a face turn?
    Face turn OK, but if it's just a face turn with nothing with, it's 100% useless.

    The only guy I have in mind at this time is Drew McIntyre. Drew has paid enough and it's now time for him to be pushed like he deserves. A new push, a new attitude, could be good for him. Drew was solid as a heel when he started on SD.

    Also, there is so much talented superstars in the locker room who are already face, that perhaps if WWE push them, it would be enough.

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    The comparison to Mr. Perfect Curt Henning and Dolph Ziggler are many. Does anyone remember when Mr. Perfect turned face against Ric Flair? Mr. Perfect didn't change his gimmick or his attitude. He just changed who he wrestled. I think Dolph would be better with a different finisher. He can be a face and still be the show-off.


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