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    Quote Originally Posted by bubbaflavor View Post
    1. Get rid of Hogan/Bischoff and their kids, beg Turner to have the show on TBS or TNT on Tuesday or wednesday night, so you're not competing with top tv show night, and NFL.
    2. Cut dead weight contracts; Mr. Anderson, Joseph Park, James Storm, Devon, Garrett Bischoff, and other A&8 Goon extras.
    3. Get rid of Aces and Eights group. Make Bully Ray a part time guy. Get him out of the title picture.
    4. Tag team, tag team, tag team. Get Motor city back in tna.
    5. X division.
    6. Women's division. Bring back Awesome Kong. Create new beautiful people with Velvet, Tarin, and Tessmacher. Bring back Angelina as an adversary for Velvet.
    7. No more coming out on "TNA Impact" and starting the show with 10mins of talking. Also, get rid of the previously on Impact wrestling crap. If they didn't watch it, its because they didnt want to.
    8. Rotate weekly E.Y, Robbie E, and Joey Ryan as comedic skits. Hard to be creative/funny every week, so let these guys keep things fresh.
    9. Use Rob T. and Matt Morgan as monsters. No talking, because they suck on the mic, and make Morgan shave that stupid beard, and take it easy on the baby oil.
    Quote Originally Posted by Peter Kaymakcian View Post
    1.) Get off Spike TV! maybe TBS or MTV

    2.) Get rid of the Television Championship and change it to something better

    3.) Make the midcard matter, better feuds

    4.) Re-establish the tag team division you have the goods it's about using them:
    -Aces and Eights(DOC and Knux or Garrett and Wes)
    -The Bros(Robbie E. and Jessie)
    -Magnus and Joe
    -Team Canada(Petey Williams and Eric Young)
    -Gunner and Jay Bradley

    5.) Stop giving the spotlight to Hulk Hogan and Sting

    6.) Revamp Gut Check pick eight members of the TNA roster to pick whoever they want from the indies and have these eight guys follow the TNA roster members. Have their skills evaluated on TNA and OVW. Make this process last the entire year. Pick the top three.

    7.) Make sure that the Aces and Eights feud ends with a bang

    8.) Have number one contender's matches on PPVs
    With #1 in both of these.... the problem with TBS and TNT is they is ran by suit and ties..... If Ted Turner still ran day to day operations, no doubt he would still have wrestling on his channels....
    As for Hogan he there, cause he can still get the older fan base going, even younger...
    Bischoff is a guy who in many way can be called a Creative Tv genius with several prime time hits on several cable channels...
    Think the with Sting hes should only be used more and mostly at the big PPVs, make his matches fill special... once in a while he can wrestle on Impact...
    Aces and 8s should end...but end right.... not end like what was left of Immortal but end with a surprise and new big feud starting....
    We all judge others even if it isn't our place to judge, but supposedly at the end we are all judged by one!!!
    Wrestling, women and money who could ask for more???


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