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Thread: Cena injured

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    Spoiler alert? WHAT?

    You're welcome!!

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    They might end up calling Punk back sooner then.

    With Brock not being around, likely, after ER; meaning Trips is gone. Undertaker is gone. Now Cena is injured. WWE is running low on top main eventers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommy Thunder View Post
    Or some sort of elimination match at the ppv? There's plenty of options that would make for something interesting for sure.
    That would be great!!

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    Scramble match for the vacant title between Ryback, Orton, Big Show, Henry and Sheamus at ER?

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Hit Man View Post
    Scramble match for the vacant title between Ryback, Orton, Big Show, Henry and Sheamus at ER?
    Now this would be something that would be interesting. Who would be given the ball from officials?

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    if it is legit i hope he recovers from it soon as i hate to see any of the wrestlers out with injuries and Cena is the face of the company. If its just part of a storyline, ehhh i don't care what happens, but Cena does deserve some time off

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    Cena injured

    so this cena injury is it legit?

    and if it is what happens to the title . do they do like a tourney for the title ?

    if he really is injured. maybe its not a bad thing. i would never wish for someone to get hurt to get written off tv but with punk out for a while and if cena is out for a while itd be a well needed break for them off tv and then when they come back it would be a huge pop. cena needs to be written off tv in my personal opinion
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    What a shame, that kind of injury could be months.

    Could shake up the title scene although they'll probably just give it to Ryback until Cena is back.

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    wwe will play it safe. They will put the title on Ryback, have him fued with Mark Henry until Cena or Punk returns. And whoever is holding the belt by then- ryback or henry, will drop the belt to Cena or Punk. I would rather see that than putting the belt on Orton or even Big Show until Cena or Punk returns

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    Quote Originally Posted by jelle1809 View Post
    According to, John Cena has been injured to his right Achilles Tendon during a match with Ryback at the European Tour. You can read the entire article at the following link:

    Any thoughts?
    Please, give the WWE Championship to Mark Henry and let him have the same run he had with the WHC. A serious threat !


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