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    You guys forgot the "Adorable" Adrian Adonis. Ok, that's my 2 cents!


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    Quote Originally Posted by StonEnigma View Post
    Just wondering do people think It would be a good idea to have a gay storyline in wrestling weather it's a fued that becomes a relationship or a tag team that are life partners & don't have them be flamboyantly gay just wrestler who like the same sex I think the fact that WWE is more focused towards kids now should show that being gay isn't a bad thing. So what do you guys think?
    Um...Bill & Chuck and Orlando Jordan

    A bit late to the party ain't ya?
    The IWC is to TNA what the Republicans are to Obama: No matter how much good they soon as they're shown to be less than perfect, the other claims that they just can't get anything right.

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    I'm not really sure a gay persona would increase viewership or even bring in new fans. There have always been guys like Adrian Adonis, Billy & Chucky, Rico, Goldust, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StonEnigma View Post
    the fact of the matter is people believe this (IMO)crap based on nothing anyone could have written it & I'm sorry if i offended any Christians obviously i wrote that in the heat of the moment but my bases of the comment is right on the money. People believe the way you live your life is wrong based on something they cant prove & a book that no one knows the origin. IMO it's basically a fairy tale
    Wow you're really trying to make friends aren't you?
    Quote Originally Posted by Bodom View Post
    You fucking legend.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KJ PUNK View Post
    Wow you're really trying to make friends aren't you?
    The thing is, I bet he'd have more people here agreeing with him about the "truth" of the bible than would disagree.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KJ PUNK View Post
    Wow you're really trying to make friends aren't you?
    *reads his post*

    Guess not.

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    The irony is that many of the worlds most evil acts have and still are being perpetrated in the disgusting name of religion.

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    The only person who would want to see a gay storyline is a queer. There is no reason to do it, it would not turn out well and it would turn many people off of their product.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StonEnigma View Post
    This comment shows how stupid & ignorant some people can be. the fact you let a fictional book dictate your beliefs is so stupid here's an idea how about think for yourself

    also quick question about your signature. since my name is actually Matthew so if I write down a set of instructions on how to live your life & put it into my own book will you have to do that? Just wondering if your stupid homophobic opinions only come from 1 book or do you live by the other fairy tales to
    Listen here assclown not all Christians are homophobic. I am a Christian and I am very much for gay marriage. As for your comments about it being a fairytale book and none of it being true. Were you around for those times? Can you say without a shadow of a doubt that the events that the bible told are untrue? If not please shove it up your ass. I don't give a damn if your a Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Budhist, Athiest, Agnostic, or anything else I will respect what you believe. People like you and the person you quoted just make your group look like assholes and stupid.
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    Quote Originally Posted by URATOOL View Post
    I'll start this by saying I'll take a ban for posting this.

    You are a fucking moronic idiot. Judgemental, religious bigots like you are disgusting. If there is a God out there I'd like to think they were a damn sight more accepting than you. If you still think that two adults loving each other is a sin then I pity you. Lets hope that if there is a judgement day, then your sort of stupidity is met with a one way ticket downstairs.

    Sorry mods. Feel free to ban me if you have to.
    As a Christian man myself, I can say that this idiot is a minority in the Christian community now a days. There are still are the dumb asses out there like him, but for the most part, especially in my church we don't give a damn what you do in the privacy in your own home as long as you are a good person.
    Brad Maddox is the new face of the WWE!


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