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    Listen here assclown not all Christians are homophobic. I am a Christian and I am very much for gay marriage. As for your comments about it being a fairytale book and none of it being true. Were you around for those times? Can you say without a shadow of a doubt that the events that the bible told are untrue? If not please shove it up your ass. I don't give a damn if your a Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Budhist, Athiest, Agnostic, or anything else I will respect what you believe. People like you and the person you quoted just make your group look like assholes and stupid.
    I never said all Christians are homophobic. & No i wasn't there so since i didn't see it happen why would I believe it. Christians can believe that all they want I just don't understand why you would with absolutely no proof. why can't you just come u with your own values rather then agreeing with them because the're written in a book. & on the other hand if you don't believe in all the words in the bible why would you agree with any of the book at all. IMO the bible is the most famous colt not saying I don't want to see you praying or talking about god all i'm saying is that IMO the bible is stupid but i can easily tolerate it because it doesn't effect me I don't understand why homophobs don't feel the same way about gay people.
    Being Gay Doesn't Mean You can't watch wrestling, It just means we enjoy watching it more


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