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Thread: Gimmick PPV

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    Gimmick PPV

    one thing i have never understood are the Gimmick PPV. why make a PPV named afte a match. like why have a TLC PPV and an Extreme rules PPV. Arent TLC, ladders, chairs, and tables matches all considered an extreme rule type of match. why not just have those matches at extreme rules and come up for something better in place of TLC. How bout money in the bank? Really (in my best Miz Voice) the whole concept was better when they did it at Mania. idk maybe its just me but i honestly think they need to be getting rid of these Gimmick PPV

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    Well, they do have both. Look at Summerslam - there's no match where summer gets slammed. I don't understand having a gimmick PPV then de-emphasising the actual match that it's based around.

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    They should just have a PPV with the gimmick of no gimmick matches.


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    Quote Originally Posted by YOUcanCALLmeCRACK View Post
    They should just have a PPV with the gimmick of no gimmick matches.

    yes. my mind has been fucked

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    I dislike them as well. These types of matches are now non-existant on RAW/Smackdown and I much prefer to have PPvs were the match types could really be anything and not limited to certain gimmicks. I also preferred MITB at Mania
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    I don't mind gimmick PPVs they there for a reason.... usually a place to settle a feud , or to start a story line or feud....
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    Well they need to get rid of the Money in the bank ppv. Wrestlemania just aint the same without the money in the bank match. Just replace the ppv with the King of the ring ppv.

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    Survivor Series is the only gimmick PPV that I like, but now they don't tend to have many survivor matches on them which is a shame. Oh and Royal Rumble is one too I guess, thats based around a gimmick style match a bit

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    The Royal Rumble is the one true king of gimmick ppvs that are popular and exciting to watch.

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    yea they could set a fued but they should deff get rid of two of them being tlc and hell in a cell ppvs. they should bring back , what alot of fans have been asking for , WCW's halloween havoc . wwe could do it so much better then it ever was! i think it would be a great idea to do something like that. and even bring back KOR WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO THAT!
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