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    WWE Fantasy Fed Royal Rumble

    NOTE TO CASUAL READERS: The events below are all based off of characters, storylines and angles that currently being presented by the WWE Fantasy Fed which can be found here on the forums.

    NOTE TO FELLOW WWE FANTASY FED MEMBERS: This was not done to snub anyone or put anyone from the fed down. I'm simply trying to see if I have this match writing thing done and I thought that the perfect opportunity to do so was writing a Royal Rumble match, which I plan on doing when the fed's Royal Rumble PPV rolls along.In short, don't be discouraged or upset when your character looks bad or loses as I'm using no personal preferences except for determining how a match goes along not for compromising your integrity.

    NOTE TO THBK: Obviously, I wanted to send this to you in private but I figured filling your inbox in with multiple messages would get rather annoying so I decided to post it here for you to look at.


    *After the conclusion of Tyson Kidd’s World Heavyweight Championship match with Brock Lesnar, the cameras now pan over to the commentary table where the commentary team of Jim Ross and Eric Bischoff is there to greet the viewers.*

    Bischoff: Well ladies and gentlemen, it's that time of the year again but for you Jimbo, it's more like that time of the month! Hahaha!

    Ross: Very funny, Eric. And I assume A.W.'s giving you cue cards to read off of?

    *Before Eric can respond, Jim cuts him off.*

    Ross: Anyways, folks, like my partner was getting at, it is indeed that time of the year, folks. Thirty men will enter that ring tonight for an opportunity to compete for either Tyson Kidd's World Heavyweight Championship or Austin Aries' WWE Championship in the main event of Wrestlemania.

    Bischoff: And I still can't believe that that little runt was actually able to beat Brock Lesnar tonight! My pick had better win so he can win it off of him ASAP!

    Ross: Your pick? And who might that be?

    Bischoff: Keep your hat on, Eastwood. You'll find out soon. Not! Ha!

    Ross: And speaking of finding things out, we're about to find out how which two men will be starting off this highly anticipated match but first, here's Justin Roberts with the rules to the Royal Rumble.

    *The cameras now point into the ring where Justin Roberts is ready to announce the Royal Rumble rules.*

    Roberts: Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for the ROOOOOYAAAAAAAL RUUUUUUUMBBBLLLLLEEE MAAAAAAAATCH!

    *Crowd pop.*

    Roberts: Now, the first two superstars to draw #1 and #2 will start. Other superstars will join the match, in the order that they drew, every ninety seconds. This process will continue until all thirty superstars have entered the ring. The only way to be eliminated is to be thrown over the top rope with both feet lading on the floor. The last superstar remaining in the ring will be declared the winner of the Royal Rumble and will earn a spot in the main event of Wrestlemaaaaniiiiiiaaaaaaaa!

    *The crowd pops even louder as they await for entrant #1.*

    Ross: You heard the rules, folks. 30 men will enter but only one will win. And now we await for our first entrant...

    *The crowd is on their feet as the cheering threatens to blow the roof off of the arena as Cena’s music plays on the PA system. In no time at all, John Cena walks out, looking at all of his cheering fans with smiles. He turns to his right and look at the camera, winks at it, salutes at the top of the ramp and runs down the ramp.*

    Justin Roberts: Introducing the man who drew #1, from West Newbury, Massachusetts, weighing 251 pounds, Jooooooooooooooohhhhhhhnnnnn...................... Ceeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaa!

    Ross: Well I’ll be damned! It’s John Cena! John Cena will be starting off this year’s Royal Rumble and this capacity crowd cannot get enough of it! You’ve got to believe that whoever’s #2 will have a tall mountain to climb if they want to get past him.

    Bischoff: Sure, assume that Cena doesn’t have any problems coming in here at #1 and winning the whole damn thing. It’s gonna be clear coasting for him! Uh huh!

    Ross: I’ll admit, it’s not an easy task entering the Rumble at #1 and winning but it’s been done before and I’m sure that if anyone has a shot at doing it again, it’s definitely John Cena.

    *Cena’s already in the ring, throwing his shirt into the crowd. He picks up his dogtags and kisses them before he takes them off and hands them over to a referee. He patiently awaits for the second entrant. In no time at all, his music plays for all to hear and John knows now to look out to the crowd.*

    Justin Roberts: And introducing the man who drew #2, from Pensacola , Florida, weighing 265 pounds, Roman Reigns!

    Ross: Well folks, business has surely picked up. The monstrous Roman Reigns will open up this Royal Rumble along with John Cena.

    *Roman Reigns finally comes into view as he begins descending down the stairs in the midst of the booing crowd.*

    Bischoff: And you have to be impressed by Reign’s dedication! He’s even doing a little bit cardio down the steps before he gets in the ring with him! Way to show him, Reigns!

    Ross: You sound mighty confident in Roman Reigns there, Eric. Could he be your pick?

    Bischoff: That’s for me to know and for you to never find out, Jimbo. Besides, look at the guy! How can you not be confident in Roman Reigns? He’s not only got size and strength to his advantage but his buddy Daniels is also going to be in the match so you know he’ll be protecting him.

    *Roman Reigns finally makes it into the ring and he immediately begins to size up John Cena who stands his ground and smirks at Reigns. The crowd immediately gets behind Cena as a “Let’s Go Cena!” chant begins to pick up steam until nearly everyone in the crowd is cheering for John Cena. Reigns just glares down at him until he breaks his focus and pretends to momentarily look away. Cena takes the bait by waiting for Roman and Reigns knocks Cena down with a cheap punch that causes Cena to stagger back a bit. Cena walks back over to Reign to throw a punch of his own but Reigns seems unaffected by the blow. Cena goes for another punch and another but Reigns just stands there and takes it. He smirks as Cena goes for another punch but Reigns just grabs Cena’s arm and pull him in for a knee lift to the midsection that has Cena staggering into the corner. Reigns goes right for the attack as he starts laying in kicks into Cena in the corner. With the merciless round of stomps now over, Reigns doesn’t appear to satisfied. He backs as he awaits for Cena to get to his feet. When he does, Roman charges at Cena but Cena hoists himself up to connect both feet to the face of a charging Reigns. Reigns staggers back but is able to catch Cena when he walks over to him. With absolutely no sign of straing, Roman picks Cena up by one arm and puts him on his shoulders. Reigns marches around the ring a little bit until he decides to plant Cena down with a vicious powerslam.*

    Ross: By God, look at the strength of Reigns! Without any effort at all, he just executed a running powerslam to Cena with one arm!

    Bischoff: Told you, Ross! Reigns is a beast! He’s a powerhouse! There’s no way that Cena’s gonna be able to topple this behemoth of a man!
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    *Reigns takes his time in lifting Cena to his feet. He irish whips him into the ropes and waits for Cena to rebound and bends over. When Cena does rebound towards Reigns, he stops in front of Reigns and executes a kick to the face. Hunched down in pain, Reigns grabs onto his face and doesn’t notice Cena rebounding of the ropes behind him. Cena comes back from behind with a running neck snap which sends Reigns crashing to the canvas. Reigns gets up in time to get hit by one of Cena’s shoulder blocks. He gets up again to be it by the same move. Reigns gets up again and gets knocked down with a spinning powerbomb by Cena. The crowd’s on their feet as they realize what’s coming next when Cena raises his hand up.*

    Ross: It looks like Cena wants to end this early and with Roman Reigns in there, I don’t blame him at all.

    *Cena bends down and waves his hand in front of his face as the crowd chants “YOU CAN’T SEE ME!” He runs to the ropes and goes to rebound off of them for the Five Knuckle Shuffle but Reigns gets up to his feet and throws Cena over him with a belly to belly suplex.*

    Bischoff: Ha! BOOM! Ball game! Reigns can’t be beat, at least not by Cena!

    *Roman Reigns lets out a roar as he’s hailed with boos. He begins to work over Cena with more stomps as the timer appears on the screen to welcome the next entrant of the match.*

    *10…9….8….7….6….5….4…3…2..1…bzzz zzzzzzzzzt!*

    *Without even performing any flashy theatrics, Jeff Hardy runs down the ramp as the fans cheer him on. Reigns stops attacking Cena to prepare for Jeff Hardy.*

    Bischoff: I’m surprised he’s actually running in a straight line. Lord knows when the cops pull him over, he sure can’t walk in one.

    Ross: At least with Reigns getting distracted, Cena can now take a breather but I don’t know if Jeff will be able to handle Reigns on his own.

    *Jeff slides in the ring and ducks a punch from Reigns. Jeff starts kicking Roman in the gut which starts to knock Reigns back a bit but he’s still able to catch Jeff’s left leg. Thinking he’s gotten the better of Jeff, Reigns is caught off guard when Jeff clocks him in the back of the head with an enziguri that sends him staggering into the corner. Jeff takes the opportunity to try and body splash Reigns in the corner but Roman simply pushes him away with ease, sending Jeff falling to the mat.*

    Ross: And just like Cena, Jeff gets swatted away by Roman Reigns with ease!

    Bischoff: Of course! It’s not rocket science, Ross! If Cena can’t do it, what makes you think Jeff can do any better?!

    *Roman gets out of the corner and quickly goes to work on Jeff Hardy, stomping him in the midsection and keeping the daredevil grounded. Out of nowhere, Cena blindsides Roman and begins to work on with a couple of quick elbow drops. Hardy gets up and joins in on beating down Roman. Both men get Roman to his feet and irish whip him to the ropes. Off the rebound, Reigns ducks the attempted double clothesline and responds with one of his own. The clock starts up again.*

    *10…9….8….7….6….5….4…3…2..1…bzzz zzzzzzzzzt!*

    *William Regal begins slowly walking down the ramp, rolling his wrist and keeping his sadistic snarl on his face as he’s booed by the audience. Reigns ignores him and starts to beat down solely on Cena, giving Jeff Hardy room to use the ropes as leverage to pull himself back up to his feet.*

    Ross: And now for our fourth entrant of this match. The sinister William Regal, the eldest out of the group known as the United Kingdom.

    Bischoff: Meh, I’d like to think of Regal as their most….seasoned member.

    Ross: Whatever keeps your boat afloat, Eric. Old, seasoned, whatever you want to call him, the bottom line is that William Regal is not to be taken lightly at all. He’s craftier than a coyote and wilier than a fox and he’ll be even more dangerous if anyone from the U.K. comes out to offer him any assistance.

    *William and Jeff stare down each other as Jeff leans over the top rope and taunts Regal to come into the ring. William stops in front of the ring as he looks up at Jeff. Without taking his eyes off of him, Regal begins taking off his robe…and throws it right at Jeff Hardy, covering and blinding him. Regal quickly slides in the ring and begins hammering on Jeff Hardy with right and left hooks until Jeff is backed up against the ropes. Regal quickly pulls off his robe from Jeff, throws it to the outside and continues beating him down.*

    Bischoff: And there he goes right after Jeff! Get him, Regal! Stay on him!

    *Regal backs off of Jeff but not before throwing in a quick right fist to his face. Regal runs to the ropes and looks to clothesline Jeff over the top rope but Jeff leans down and Regal catapults over the top rope. However, Regal manages to grab onto the rope and is now standing on the apron. Jeff notices him and tries to kick him off. Regal hangs on for dear life as Jeff starts pushing Regal in an attempt to eliminate him.*

    Ross: Regal’s teetering now…Jeff’s still on him, trying to push him over the top rope and………! Reigns breaks it up just in the nick of time. I wonder why he’d do something like that?

    *Roman Reigns pushes Jeff into the corner and starts thrusting into his midsection with shoulder thrusts. Meanwhile, Regal slides back in the ring and notices that John Cena is down.*

    Bischoff: Do you not see Cena lying over there on his back? Reigns just got bored tossing Cena around like a ragdoll and now he wants a crack at someone more fresh. That’s all it is!

    Ross: And the scary part about that is, I think you might be right.

    *With one final thrust, Reigns has Jeff seated in the corner, out of breath and worn down. Regal walks over to Reigns and begins conversing with him. He points over to John Cena and begins talking some more, obviously putting together a strategy with John Cena as the focal point for punishment. Reigns nods and both men walk over to John Cena. They drag Cena to the middle of the ring and set him up on his feet. They irish whip him to the ropes and catch him with a double hip toss off the rebound.*

    Ross: Ouch! That double hip toss hurt just looking at it.

    Bischoff: And you know that Cena’s in for more pain.

    *Reigns then decides to start pounding on Cena even more while Regal starts going on Jeff Hardy in the corner with kicks to the head.*

    *10…9….8….7….6….5….4…3…2..1…bzzz zzzzzzzzzt!*

    *Daniels is all smiles as he runs down the ramp, eyeing the work that Roman Reigns is doing on Cena.*

    Ross: And speaking of more pain, we’ve got Christopher Daniels entering now at #5 and he and Reigns working together is inevitable to say the least.

    Bischoff: Even better, the elimination of Cena and Jeff is what’s going to be inevitable as soon as Daniels is in that ring.

    Ross: Well, with Regal and Reigns already getting the better of them, that statement couldn’t get any more true. I’m surprised to see Cena and Jeff take it on the chin like this but like I’ve said before, anything can happen in the WWE.

    *With Cena getting stomped at in the corner, Daniels quickly cuts in and starts stomping in on Cena as well. Daniels is quick to bark orders and instructs Reigns to get Cena to his feet.

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    *Locking Cena’s arms behind his back, Roman holds Cena in place as Daniels starts talking all sorts of trash before he slaps Cena cross the face.*

    Bischoff: And it’s back to more punishment for Cena. What a slap! It’s like I told you, Ross! These two will be unstoppable as soon as they get in the fray together!

    *Daniels then spots Regal trying to eliminate by pushing him over the top rope but Jeff is able to fight him off. Jeff tries to create some offense but Daniels decides to cut in and deliver a running dropkick to Jeff. Meanwhile, growing bored of beating down Cena, Roman decides to watch as his partner begins talking with Regal. At the end of his talk, Regal is all smiles and shakes Daniels’ hand. Unbeknownst to Regal, Daniels silently asks for Reigns to meet with them.*

    Ross: It appears that Regal and Daniels look to be in some sort of agreement with each other.

    Bischoff: When a crafty mind meets another crafty mind, everyone can’t help but take notice and listen to the gears spinning in their heads. You’ve gotta believe with this union that…WAIT A MINUTE! WHAT THE HELL?!

    *Daniels pushes William into Roman’s awaiting grasps and Regal is easily eliminated over the top rope via Reigns dumping him over.*


    Bischoff: What’re you doing, Reigns?! You just cost yourself an ally and it was William Regal for Christ sake! The UK ain’t gonna be happy about this!

    Ross: You’re damn right they won’t be but it looks like Daniels can’t be happier with Roman’s work. It appears as if there are no room for allies in Daniels’ inner circle other than Roman Reigns.

    *Daniels pats Roman on the back as they look over the top rope and start taunting Regal as he scowls and heads to the back. Suddenly, the crowd mysteriously pops. Roman turns around to see what the commotion is and is bombarded with a clothesline from Cena. Daniels hears what’s going on turns around only for Jeff Hardy to smash him in the face with a springboard dropkick.*

    Ross: That’s what happens when you take your eyes off the prize and now both Cena and Jeff are starting to fight back.

    *Jeff goes for Daniels, laying in stomp after stomp while Cena and Roman slug it out in the opposite side of the ring, trading blows with each other as the timer reappears on the screen.*

    *10…9….8….7….6….5….4…3…2..1…bzzz zzzzzzzzzt!*

    *Christian Cage comes out to a good pop as he takes his time getting to the ring, smiling at all of the Peeps that show him love and support.*

    Bischoff: Oh great! The lesser half of the legendary duo of Edge and Christian has now joined us!

    *Immediately, Cage enters the ring and just leans in the corner. He notices that Roman has bested Cena yet again and whistles at him. Roman turns his head and sees Christian taunting him from the corner. Roman takes the opportunity to give one last stomp to Cena before he charges at Cage. Cage merely slips through the ropes and kicks Roman in the head with the pendulum overhead kick. Roman staggers back and Christian quickly climbs to the top turnbuckle and leaps off of it to connect a diving reverse elbow to Reigns which knocks him down.*

    Ross: He doesn’t seem that lesser to me.

    Bischoff: Just you wait until Roman Reigns gets at him! Just you wait!

    *Satisfied with his handiwork, Cage goes over to Cena and tries to get him on his feet to try and eliminate him from the corner but Cena refuses to go over. On the other side of the ring, Jeff is working over Daniels in the corner with elbow smashes to the face. The last one sends Daniels slumping in a seated position in the corner. Jeff takes the opportunity to hit the corner dropkick with leverage form the ropes. Jeff then takes Daniels and drags his groggy body until he’s a few feet away from the corner and flashes his hand sign for the cheering crowd as they know what’s coming next. Jeff climbs to the top turnbuckle and is about to hit the Swanton Bomb……*

    Bischoff: No, no, no, no, no, no, noooooo………...phew! Saved by the Roman!

    *When out of nowhere, Roman charges at Jeff and kicks him in the face with a running big boot which causes Jeff to land painfully on the top turnbuckle.*

    Ross: I’ve gotta tell you, this Roman Reigns is absolutely impressive. He’s already eliminated William Regal and he doesn’t look like he’s ready to quit any time soon and just like you said earlier, Eric, with Daniels assisting him, I don’t see him losing this match. Time after time in this match, we’ve seen him come back and just plain ol’ dominate in that ring.

    Bischoff: Yeah and I guess I’ll admit that Cena’s been surviving a lot longer than I thought he’d be with Roman Reigns in there with him but it’s only a matter of time until Cena’s out of that ring and Jeff, too.

    *As Daniels begins to stir, he sees Roman beating down Jeff Hardy on the mat and he quickly joins in.*

    *10…9….8….7….6….5….4…3…2..1…bzzz zzzzzzzzzt!*

    *Dolph Ziggler comes out, slightly sulking. He’s greeted with boos from the crowd but he doesn’t seem to give a damn.*

    Ross: He’s here to show the world and win this Royal Rumble while he’s at it. You’ve got to believe that Dolph wants to pick up momentum since he and Swagger lost the titles to the Kings of Wrestling earlier tonight and a win in this Royal Rumble will certainly do that.

    Bischoff: If Dolph’s smart, he’ll put his loss behind him and focus on headlining Wrestlemania. He might be able to do it but only if he focuses on winning tonight.

    Ross: Looks like Dolph’s taking his time in getting to the ring……on second thought, I take that back. He’s not even attempting to enter the damn ring at all. Just what the hell is he doing?

    *As Jim Ross pointed out, Dolph Ziggler doesn’t enter the ring. The few referees, watching the action from the outside, go over and order Ziggler to get into the ring but Ziggler doesn’t budge, simply shooing them away as he watches the action unfold.*

    Bischoff: Dolph doesn’t have to enter at the minute he comes out to fight, Ross. He’s being smart. He knows that Reigns and Daniels will be too much for him to handle and trying to team up with them won’t work either. Just look at what happened to poor Regal.

    *After viciously beating down Jeff Hardy, Daniels and Roman Reigns start to go after Cena and Christian. Reigns goes after Cage while Daniels goes for Cena with clubbing blows to the back of the head. Reigns throws Cage into the ropes and hits a spinebuster to Cage that has him writhing in pain. Reigns then goes to assist Daniels as he tries to eliminate Cena. Legs hooking the ropes, Cena refuses to be overpowered by the two men and when it seems that eliminating him won’t be possible, Daniels tells Roman to back off and just throw him back in the ring.*

    Ross: And even with two men on him, Cena is able to get back into the ring. What heart and resilience.

    Bischoff: But not much brains. If Cena were smart, he’d be out there with Dolph right now and leave that idiot Jeff with those two!

    *Roman notices Jeff getting up and is quick to run at Jeff and knock him back down with a spear.*
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    Ross: Goodness gracious! That’s it! That’s got be it for Jeff! He has got to be broken in half!

    Bischoff: Man oh man! What a spear from Roman Reigns! Jeff is history!

    *Daniels turns around and looks at the carnage Roman does. With a sick smile on his face, Daniels quickly runs over to where Roman and Jeff are, springboards on the second rope, in the corner, onto the top turnbuckle and crashes down on Jeff with the BME.*

    Bischoff: Yes! Hit to perfection! What a maneuver!

    *Daniels gets up and gloats to the booing crowd. He then instructs Roman Reigns to get Jeff onto his feet so that they can both eliminate him. They both lift Jeff Hardy up into the air and are about to toss him over the top rope…*

    Ross: And Cena saves Jeff from elimination and is now fighting back against Roman Reigns!

    *Cena springs to life and attacks Roman Reigns while Cage comes from behind to go after Daniels. Jeff’s limp body is dropped in the process and it rolls out of the ring under the bottom rope.*

    *10…9….8….7….6….5….4…3…2..1…bzzz zzzzzzzzzt!*

    *Shawn is greeted with an enormous pop as he stops at the top of the ramp to do a few DX chops before he runs down the ramp.*

    Ross: And here comes HBK at #8.

    Bischoff: Just another name for Roman to squash. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Ross: I wouldn’t brush off Shawn so easily. He’s won two Royal Rumbles back to back and he might be able to pull it off another Royal Rumble win as long as he’s able to pick his spot and take advantage of the situation…wait…what’s he doing?

    *Before Shawn gets in the ring, he notices Dolph Ziggler just standing there and watching. He walks over to him and Dolph is quick to get on the edge, bracing himself for a confrontation but based on Shawn’s passive body language, it appears that Shawn wants to watch the action from the outside of the ring as well. Dolph smiles when he realizes this and invites Shawn over to watch the match unfold together.*

    Ross: Ah, don’t tell me……not him, too!

    Bischoff: Yep! Shawn’s smarter than I thought. Roman and Daniels are just undeniably invincible together. He’s got no reason to put himself in harm’s way for no reason. He’s just gonna sit back and watch the action with Dolph until….what?!

    *Shawn lays out Dolph with a right hook, frogmarches Dolph to the ring and tosses him in under the bottom rope. Shawn quickly goes in after him and blocks an an attempted kick from Dolph to start laying in some chops in the corner.*

    Ross: *chuckles* Looks like Dolph’s gonna enter this match whether he wants to or not. Shawn’s not having any of his B.S.

    Bischoff: Well, looks like Shawn doesn’t want a piece of Reigns and Daniels so now he’s taking it to Dolph. What’s the matter, Shawn? Too scared of a real challenge?!

    *Meanwhile, Jeff Hardy stumbles into the ring from the outside, body racked with pain as he oversees what’s going on: Daniels getting beaten down by Christian in the corner, Shawn working Dolph over and Roman Reigns getting the better of Cena again as Reigns locks in a tight bearhug to Cena.*

    Ross: I didn’t think it’d be possible for Jeff to create enough breathing room between him and his adversity with all the punishment he’s been taking so far but he’s done it.

    Bischoff: Well, he better be able to capitalize or else, he’s toast.

    *Before Jeff can make a move, he notices that the timer starts winding down and decides to wait on the ninth entrant to come on down to the ring.*

    *10…9….8….7….6….5….4…3…2..1…bzzz zzzzzzzzzt!*

    Bischoff: I didn’t pack enough aspirin to combat this green migraine. Just looking at him hurts my eyes.

    *The Hurricane, fired up and determined runs to the ring and quickly climbs up to the apron. Jeff goes over get him but Hurricane shoulder thrusts Jeff and enters the ring. The Hurricane wraps his hand around Jeff’s throat, lifts him up in the air and drives him to the mat with a chokeslam.*

    Ross: Good God, what a chokeslam!

    *Fueled by adrenaline, Hurricane pulls Shawn away from Ziggler and chokeslams him as well.*

    Ross: And now to Michaels!

    *The Hurricane is far from through as Cage spots him and tries to knock him down with a running spinning heel kick but Hurricane ducks and picks Cage up from the ground to chokeslam him as well.*

    Ross: Cage gets him some!

    *As soon as the Hurricane turns around to go for Ziggler, Ziggler explodes out of the corner with a superkick but Hurricane ducks and chokeslams Ziggler.*

    Ross: There goes Ziggler, too!

    *The Hurricane quickly goes over to Daniels. Daniels looks around and notices that carnage done and Daniels attempts to beg him off but Hurricane has none of it and chokeslams Daniels.*

    Ross: And there’s a big ol’ slobberknocker of a chokeslam for Daniels! The Hurricane is a blazing house of fire here tonight, folks! He wants to go to Wrestlemania!

    Bischoff: Reigns, get him! Get hiiiiiiiiim!

    *The Hurricane is absorbed by the cheers from the crowd as he hypes them up. The momentum goes down the drain, however, as Roman Reigns knocks The Hurricane down with a spear. Then, without haste, Reigns picks him up over his head and gorilla press throws the Hurricane over the top rope.*


    Bischoff: Happy trails, Hurri-creep! Hahahahaha! Da na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na……ELIMINATED!

    Ross: And with all of those chokeslams, the other men are just prime pickings for Roman Reigns right now.

    *Reigns suverys all the laid out bodies and decides to pick up Cage and sling him over his shoulders. Without remorse, Reigns hurls Cage over the top rope, right next to the Hurricane.*


    Ross: And out goes Cage. That’s it for him, ladies and gentlemen.

    Bischoff: It just goes to show you, do not cross Daniels and Reigns or it’s lights out for you.

    Ross: I can’t imagine anyone coming out here making that much of a difference now. Everyone’s down except for Roman Reigns and now it appears that we’ll be getting our next entrant soon.

    *10…9….8….7….6….5….4…3…2..1…bzzz zzzzzzzzzt!*

    *The crowd immediately comes to life and begins cheering as they realize who’s about to come out and confront Roman Reigns.*

    Ross:…wait a minute! Wait a minute! Maybe there is someone who can put an end to Roman Reigns after all!


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    *Glaring down Roman Reigns from the top of the ramp is none other than Ryback. Sparks fly between them through their intense stare down as Roman Reigns patiently waits for Ryback to make his way down the ramp. The crowd is on their feet, violently chanting “Feed me more!”*

    Ross: Hell yeah! Ryback and Reigns! You’ve got to believe that if anyone can put an end to Roman Reigns, it’s Ryback!

    Bischoff: You sound way too happy about this new development for my liking! Just how biased can you get?!

    Ross: I have nothing against Roman, Eric but you’ve gotta be lying if you tell me that you’re not at the edge of your seat right now. These two monster will put each other to the limit for sure and I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds.

    *Instead of attacking Ryback as he slides into the ring, Roman allows Ryback room to enter the ring. Ryback immediately walks up to Roman and the two stare into each other eyes, looking for any fear or trepidation. Ryback looks away from Roman to look up at the Wrestlemania logo and points at it. Roman turns around to look up at the sign as well and is taken off guard when Ryback runs at the ropes to crash into him with a running body splash. However, to Ryback’s surprise, Roman doesn’t budge. Roman smirks and Ryback goes for another one but the same result occurs. Frustrated, Ryback goes for another one but this time, Roman ducks and puts Ryback up on his shoulders. He goes for another one armed running powerslam but Ryback is able to slip away and pushes Roman Reigns towards the ropes. Off the rebound, Ryback punches Reigns in the face but Roman doesn’t go down. Reigns responds with a punch of his own but Ryback doesn’t fall either. Soon, both men are trading blows with each other.



    Ryback starts getting the better of Roman and after one last blow, Roman is leaning against the ropes. Ryback steps back a bit and goes for the Meathook Clothesline and is able to hit it on Roman Reigns who is dumped over the top rope...*

    Ross: This could be it for Roman Reigns!

    Bischoff: No, c’mon! It can’t end like this! It can’t!

    *…but manages to grab onto the top rope and keeps himself alive in the match. Ryback can’t believe his eyes and is determined to get Reigns eliminated. He backs up and goes for another Meathook Clothesline when he’s suddenly hit from behind with a low blow.*

    Ross: I can’t believe this! Daniels has managed to get himself up and has prevented Ryback from eliminating his partner!

    Bischoff: You can’t keep Daniels down for long especially when his insurance policy is at stake of being eliminated. You get him, Daniels!

    *Now hunched over in pain, Ryback is a victim to a snap DDT from Daniels. Roman tries to get in the ring now. Meanwhile, Shawn Michaels and Dolph Ziggler start to stir and get back on their feet. Jeff Hardy and John Cena are still down.*

    *10…9….8….7….6….5….4…3…2..1…bzzz zzzzzzzzzt!*

    Ross: Well, while Roman and Daniels are able to recover, I don’t see how Titus O’Neil will make much of an impact without his partner out here. No disrespect to O’Neil but with a third of the Rumble already completed and Ryback not being able to stop them, Titus had better pray that Darren get out here to help him out as soon as possible.

    Bischoff: Absolutely. Daniels and Reigns can’t be beat. They’ve survived a good chunk of time and both are constantly looking out for each other.

    *Titus hesitates to get in the ring but quickly notices John Cena and Jeff Hardy knocked out. Titus smirks as he enters the ring immediately goes after Jeff Hardy with some stomps all over his body.*

    Ross: Smart move in targeting the man who’s perhaps taken the most punishment thus far in this Rumble match.

    *Titus decides to try and end things for John Cena now as he walks over to him. He’s taken off guard when Cena tackles Titus down to the canvas and begins to wail on him with punches to the head. With renewed vigor, Cena picks Titus up and slams him down with a body slam. Cena notices Titus trying to slowly get to his feet, so Cena quickly scales to the top of a nearby ring corner and drops a flying legdrop to the back of Titus’ head. Cena then notices Roman Reigns and Daniels teaming up on Ryback in the corner so Cena comes in from behind and takes down Daniels with a clubbing blow to the back of the head. He then starts teeing off on Roman Reigns with a flurry of punches in the corner while Ryback gets up on his feet. After Cena’s done delivering damage, he looks over to Ryback, back down to Roman and then back to Ryback. Cena smiles and so does Ryback.*

    Ross: This doesn’t look good for Roman Reigns. Daniels is down and it doesn’t appear like he’ll be getting any help any time soon.

    Bischoff: It doesn’t matter at all. Roman can wipe these two bums out on his own.

    *Cena holds Roman in the corner while Ryback backs up. Cena then irish whips Roman into Ryback and Ryback catches him and slings him over his shoulders into a torture rack position. Ryback then begins to march around the ring and finally drops Roman with the Shellshock.*

    Bischoff: Noooooooo! Dammit, Daniels, get up! Get up and get these two cheating S.O.B.’s! They can’t do this!

    *John Cena then decides to walk over and pick Roman Reigns up on his feet. He sets him up on his shoulders and drives Reigns into the mat with the Attitude Adjustment.*

    Bischoff: C’mon, Daniels! Get up, get up, get uuuuup!

    *With ease, John Cena picks up Roman Reigns and walks him over to the ring ropes and tosses him over the top rope as the crowd pops.*


    Bischoff: God dammit! Dammit, dammit, dammit, dammit! Damn you, Cena! Damn yooooooou!

    Ross: Let me guess, Reigns was your pick, right?

    *Cena and Ryback look at each other and shake hands. Cena goes to head off towards Titus but Ryback holds onto his hand and pulls him back in. Cena looks at Ryback and chuckles, knowig what’s coming next. Cena shrugs and starts hammering away at Ryback. Ryback returns the favor and both men start going at it.*

    Ross: Can’t say I’m surprised. It’s every man for himself in this one, folks.

    *10…9….8….7….6….5….4…3…2..1…bzzz zzzzzzzzzt!*

    *Darren Young now comes out, combing his hair as he jogs down the ramp.*

    Ross: What a stroke of luck for Titus O’Neil. With Darren Young now entering the match, O’Neil and Young can start setting up high ground against everyone else, who at this point, is basically going at it solo. Let’s see how…GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY!

    *Before Darren can get any closer to the ring, the eliminated Roman Reigns spears him into the ground. The visibly frustrated Samoan then decides that he’s not through and picks Darren up again to slam him onto the floor. Titus O’Neil gets up to his feet and notices Darren getting attacked. He walks over to the edge of the ring and leans over the top rope, shouting at Reigns to back off. As O’Neil does this, he’s suddenly attacked with a clothesline from behind from Jeff Hardy and the force of the move sends him toppled over the top rope and onto the floor.*


    Bischoff: What a sneaky cowardly son of a bitch Hardy is!

    Ross: Funny, I always thought you’d be into the sneaky types.

    Bischoff: Sneaky sure but cowardly? Hell no! That was a cheap shot, plain and simple!

    *Grinning from ear to ear, Jeff Hardy decides to go after Christopher Daniels now. On the outside of the ring now, Roman goes after Titus now and spears him as well. Referees begin to circle the Primetime Players as they beg Roman to back off. Roman appears to have calmed down and looks like he’s ready to leave when he spots Jeff Hardy trying to force Daniels over the top rope.*

    Ross: Get the hell out of here already! You’ve been eliminated! You have no business being out here!

    *Reigns walks over to Jeff Hardy and pulls him by the hair. Eventually, Roman is able to yank Hardy over the top rope but the force of his pull sends Hardy over the top along with Daniels. In a shock turn of events, Roman eliminate Daniels but Jeff is able to hang onto the top rope and slide back in the ring.*


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    Bischoff: Things just got from bad to worse! I can’t believe this!

    Ross: You have no one to blame but Roman. He thought he could make things better but ironically, it was him that wound up as Daniels’ undoing and after the way Reigns acted, I can’t say I feel sympathy for what happened. And on another note, folks, I’ve just received word that Darren Young is in real bad shape so therefore, he will not be able to compete tonight. And it’s all because of Roman’s selfishness.

    *Roman is finally escorted away along with Daniels by a band of officials. Back in the ring, Dolph and Shawn are still going at each other with Shawn trying to eliminate Dolph and Ryback trying to eliminate Cena. Jeff takes another breather as the timer winds down.*

    *10…9….8….7….6….5….4…3…2..1…bzzz zzzzzzzzzt!*

    *Pyro goes off around the titantron which alerts the attention of Jeff Hardy to the top of the ramp as everyone knows who’s about to come out. Rob Van Dam stops at the stop of the ramp and thumb jabs towards himself three times before he starts jogging down the ramp.*

    Ross: And here comes lucky #13, the Battle Creek, Michigan native, Rob Van Dam. He’s come close to winning the Royal Rumble on numerous of occasions and he might make an impact here tonight and wind up winning the whole f’n show.

    *Rob Van Dam leaps over the top rope and immediately goes after Jeff Hardy with a flurry of kicks and punches until Jeff is backed into the corner. RVD then starts driving his shoulder into Jeff Hardy’s abdomen and back flips away. He goes to set up the monkey flip but Jeff gets out of the way and RVD lands on the top turnbuckle groin first. Jeff starts clobbering RVD in the back until RVD is leaning against the corner, upside down in the Tree of Woe. Jeff sees the opportunity to make an impact and slowly backs up. He then charges at RVD, going for a dropkick but RVD pulls himself up and Jeff crashes into the corner. RVD, now perched up high, looks down at Jeff and smirks. Looking around at the cheering crowd, he leaps off the top and goes for the Five Star Frog Splash…*

    Ross: And he…NO! Jeff manages to roll out of the way!

    *RVD crashes to the canvas as Jeff rolls out of the way. Meanwhile, Dolph and Shawn continue to battle with each other. Dolph is getting pummeled in the corner but he’s able to push Michaels away and connect with a superkick of his own. Dolph begins gloating and even mocks Shawn by doing his signature pose.*

    *10…9….8….7….6….5….4…3…2..1…bzzz zzzzzzzzzt!*

    *Alberto Del Rio makes his appearance, smiling and waving at the fans as they chant “Si!” for him. In the ring, Dolph decides to add insult to injury by climbing up to the top rope, obviously going for the diving elbow to further mock Michaels. Del Rio has none of that as he slides under the bottom rope and runs towards Ziggler, hitting him in the head with a running enziguri and sending Ziggler down to the mat. Hyped up, Del Rio walks over to try and get some action rolling against Jeff Hardy, who’s just getting to his feet. Del Rio goes for a superkick but Hardy manages to duck him and kicks Alberto in the abdomen. Hardy then tries to go for the Twist of Fate.*

    Bischoff: This spells “peligro” for Alberto Del Rio.

    Ross: You could be right about that.

    *But ADR grabs Jeff’s arm and locks in the cross armbreaker on Jeff. Jeff wails around in vain and in pain as he tries to get out of this devastating hold. RVD manages to get to his feet and he cuts in on the battle that’s going on between Ryback and John Cena by delivering a running dropkick to Cena’s head. When he sees Ryback coming up behind him, he turns around, ready to deliver a punch but he stops when e notices Ryback’s airbrushed tights. He looks at them briefly before he looks up at him and says “Cool tights, bro? Where’d you get ‘em?” Ryback shrugs and goes “Eh, I know a guy.”*

    Bischoff: Are you friggin’ kidding me? A world championship match is at stake and these goons are shooting the *bleep* about tights?! Save it for when you both lose! No one needs to hear this! Unbelievable!

    *RVD then replies with “You know I’m gonna have to throw you over, right?” Ryback smirks and goes “I dare you.” RVD takes him up on the offer and quickly kicks Ryback in the head with a high kick which sends Ryback staggering into the ropes. RVD walks over to him and irish whips him to the ropes. Off the rebound, RVD leaps into the air, sailing over Ryback. When Ryback rebounds off the ropes again, RVD connects with a hurricanrana. Before RVD can do anything else, he’s caught off guard by Alberto Del Rio and another running enziguri to the back of the head. RVD doesn’t go down so Alberto drops him to the mat with a german suplex.*

    Ross: Alberto’s been on a roll since he’s been in the match. I can’t say the same for Jeff Hardy though as for the majority of this match, he’s been getting beaten down but he still managed to eliminate Titus O’Neil so he could still have enough in the tank to make it all the way.

    Bischoff: Fat chance! He’s a goner as soon as someone gets their hands on him!

    *10…9….8….7….6….5….4…3…2..1…bzzz zzzzzzzzzt!*

    Ross: Entering in at #15 is none other than Wade Barrett, the second representative of the United Kingdom to enter this match. I’m sure he’s hoping to bring back honor to the UK after Regal was eliminated.

    Bischoff: Not only that but he was eliminated first. Wade’s probably simmering under that collected demeanor of his.

    *Wade Barrett walks out, no sign of any emotion on his face as he slowly heads down the ramp. He finally gets to the ring and starts to go after John Cena.*

    Bischoff: Sheesh, I almost forgot that Cena was still in here. How long’s he lasted so far?

    Ross: Cena started things off as the first entrant and so far, he’s managed to stay in for nearly 31 minutes and despite taking beating after beating, Cena’s still going strong.

    *Soon, the center of the action is focused on the continuing exchange between Shawn Michaels and Dolph Ziggler who have barely had any interaction with anyone else in the match. Shawn Michaels is able to battle his way out of the corner and chop Ziggler in the chest. Shawn continues chopping away at Ziggler until Ziggler ie leaning against the ropes. Shawn backs up and goes for Sweet Chin Music but Dolph ducks and sends Shawn Michaels over the top rope.*

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    Bischoff: This could be it for HBK! Looks like Michaels is…*sigh*…still in.

    *Shawn is able to grab onto the top rope and skin the cat back in the ring. When Shawn turns around, Dolph goes for yet another superkick but Shawn is able to duck and hit a reverse atomic drop on Dolph. Another chop from Michaels sends Dolph to the floor. Shawn starts stomping on Ziggler as the timer starts up again.*

    *10…9….8….7….6….5….4…3…2..1…bzzz zzzzzzzzzt!*

    *Jack Swagger bolts down the ramp as he has his eyes set on Shawn Michaels, ready to aid his tag team partner.*

    Ross: I was wondering if we’d be able to see Swagger and Ziggler work together in the ring after they lost to the Kings of Wrestling. We’ll see how these two can get along now.

    Bischoff: What kind of stupid crap is that? Swagger’s looking to help Ziggler and take out Michaels. Just look!

    *Swagger goes right to work on Michaels with a running chopblock which sends Michaels to the floor. Ziggler gets up with assistance from Swagger and they both start stomping on Michaels. Meanwhile, Ryback is able to make it up to his feet and attacks Jack Swagger from behind. Ziggler is able to hit the Zigzag on Ryback since his back was turned to him and Ziggler starts landing punch after punch to Ryback. On the other side of the ring, Alberto and RVD continue to fight as RVD knocks ADR down with a spinning heel kick. RVD then bounces off the ropes and hit the Rolling Thunder on Alberto. Suddenly, he’s blasted in the head out of nowhere with a running elbow to the face, courtesy of Wade Barrett.*

    Ross: Good Lord, what a Bullhammer! That just goes to show that you have to have eyes at the back of your head in a Rumble match. I didn’t even see Wade coming.

    *Wade then picks up Van Dam and tosses him over the top rope with ease, smirking as he sees him hit the floor.*


    Bischoff: Pack your bags, Van Dam! You’re outta here! Just make sure they’re free of any suspicious substances before you get to the airport. We don’t need another flight delayed!

    *ADR gets to his feet and tries to get the one up on Wade Barrett by clotheslining him from behind but Barrett ducks and hurls ADR over the top rope with his shoulder as a catapult. ADR manages to land on the apron with help from the top rope but as soon as he tries to get back in the ring, Barrett knocks ADR in the head with a Bullhammer, sending ADR flying off of the apron and onto the floor below.*


    Ross: If the UK wanted redemption, they’re certainly getting it from Wade Barrett. That’s two eliminations in less than a minute.

    *10…9….8….7….6….5….4…3…2..1…bzzz zzzzzzzzzt!*

    *Wade Barrett looks towards the entrance way and sees Sheamus walking down the aisle. He smiles and opens the ropes for him, inviting him in for some fun.*

    Bischoff: And speaking of the U.K., here comes the United States Champion, Sheamus and you can already tell where this is going, imminent dominance from Sheamus and Barrett working together.

    *As Sheamus and Barett go after John Cena and Jeff Hardy, Ryback and Shawn try to fight off Ziggler and Swagger and are doing somewhat successfully. Ryback manages to attack Swagger and Dolph from behind as they both try and dump Michaels over the top rope. Shawn is able to slide back in and chopblock Swagger’s leg, sending him to the floor. Ryback then starts punching Ziggler in the corner and drives the heel of his boot into Dolph’s face. Meanwhile, The UK continue working together against Hardy and Cena. Barrett steps up both men in the corner with Hardy behind Cena. Barrett then irish whips Sheamus into that corner but Cena is able to dodge the impact. Hardy is not so lucky and takes the force of the running body splash. Cena manages to hoist Barrett up on his shoulders and it looks like he tries to Attitude Adjust Wade over the top rope when out of nowhere, Sheamus Brogue Kicks Cena square in the jaw, sending both Barrett and Cena onto the mat below. With Cena and Hardy down, Sheamus decides to help Barrett back up on his feet.*

    Bischoff: When will Cena learn? He can’t overcome the numbers game no matter how much he tries.

    *On the other side of the ring, Shawn and Ryback continue to fight off the former tag team champions. Shawn tries eliminating Ziggler while Ryback does the same for Swagger. Ziggler will not let go but Shawn still doesn’t let up. Ryback, however, let’s go when it appears that Swagger isn’t budging. He backs up and goes for the Meathook Clothesline but Swagger pulls down the top rope and send Ryback spilling over. Thinking he’s eliminated him, and not paying attention to the fact Ryback was able to catch onto the top rope, Swagger goes to attack Shawn from behind but the force of his sneak attack clothesline sends both Shawn and Dolph over the top rope.*


    Ross: I cannot believe this! Swagger just eliminated his own partner!

    Bischoff: And look at that smug smirk on Swagger! He knows it and he just doesn’t give a damn! By God I love it! Jack knows that he was carrying Dolph’s weight in their partnership the whole time! I can see it in his eyes!

    *Swaggger’s time to celebrate is over as Ryback tries to charge at Swagger but Swagger is able to back body drop Ryback. He then locks in an ankle lock on Ryback. Swagger tweaks the ankle as hard as he can when from behind…*

    Bischoff: Woah! What the hell!? I didn’t know Ziggler had it in him! He just dropped Swagger down with a brutal ZigZag!

    *As the timer winds down again, an irate Ziggler picks up Swagger and throws him over the top rope.*


    *10…9….8….7….6….5….4…3…2..1…bzzz zzzzzzzzzt!*

    *The crowd cannot believe their eyes as they look on the final member of the UK coming out. Ryback begs for Drew McIntyre to come down the ring as he groggily makes his stand. Drew takes his sweet time getting their as he taunts Ryback.*

    Ross: These lucky sons of guns. The entire U.K, minus Regal, are now in this match. Sheamus and Barrett are already looking strong now as they dissect Jeff Hardy and John Cena which will leave Drew with Ryback al….

    *From behind, Ryback is attacked by Sheamus and now Drew bursts down the aisle and into the ring to take care of Ryback as well. Barrett notices the commotion and he stops attacking Cena to walk over and meet up with his other teammates. He calls of the attack on Ryback and has the others stand in the corner in a huddle.*

    Bischoff: Looks like they’re cooking up something good for those other three chumps.

    Ross: This may very well be the biggest threat in this match so far. If These three can take out Cena, Ryback and
    Hardy as quickly as possible, they may be on their way to….WAIT A MINUTE!

    *The UK is caught off guard when Hardy, Cena and Ryback all come together and attack them all as a team. The crowd goes into an uproar as the faces gain the upper hand with Jeff attacking Drew, Ryback attacking Sheamus and Cena going after Wade Barrett. They all work in opposite corners of the ring until Cena decides to go for an elimination on Barrett. Lifting Barrett over the ropes, Cena tries to throw him over but Barrett hooks onto the ropes. Cena pushes and shoves with all of his might but Barrett’s not moving. To make Cena back off, Barrett jabs Cena in the eye with his thumb, causing Cena to reel back in pain. In a blurry white flash across the screen, Cena gets hit with another Brouge Kick and Cena gets dumped over the top rope and onto the floor.*


    Ross: Folks……..I am in absolute shock. I sincerely thought that Cena had this one in the bag but it looks like the numbers games proved too much for Cena to handle. What a valiant effort he put on ton…

    Bischoff: Blah, blah, blah! Stuff it! Cena’s gone and the UK is looking strong and that’s all that matters! Go get ‘em, fellas! Time to go to work!


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