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    I would like to see Cody Rhodes in the title picture...maybe as a face. I would also like to see The Miz back in the title picture.

    Mostly though, I'd like to see Ziggler OUT of the title picture...the whole Big E and AJ little entourage is just annoying now...and for what I've seen, he can't stand on his I think he's completely maxed out...and it'll be screw job win after screw job for a few months, then someone will take the title off him mercifully, and the title might actually mean something again. (Of course, this is just the hope for someone who never was, and most likely never will be a Ziggles fan)

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    Cesaro, Mark Henry, Kane, Daniel Bryan, and The Miz are the top five who should be in the title scene but really aren't right now.IMO

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    l the ones you listed as potential challengers for either champion.

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    Has to be Antonio Cesaro riccola bombing and ufo-ing guys like its gone out of style would be great!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommy Thunder View Post
    Daniel Bryan, Chris Jericho, The Miz are 3 that I would like to see back in the main title scenes.
    yes please

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    I would like to see Matt Hardy (no surprise).

    I have a whole storyline thought up but I'll summarize: Teddy Long continues to turn heel, Dolph continues to turn face, Teddy starts waxing poetic about a new power couple that will "restore order", at Extreme Rules towards the end of Dolph's match........."OHH YEAAAAAAAHHHH..........I can slap a tornado".........ITS MATT HARDY!!!!.........with Reby Sky! Matt and Reby proceed to destroy AJ and Dolph. They then have a great fued like Christian and Randy Orton had over the summer in 2011 with the Divas fueding as well.

    During the feud Matt cuts some odd promos about how he is the one that must lay the path for the savior. Eventually the Smackdown GM-ship will be on the line at a PPV late in the year. Team Booker (Dolph/AJ) vs. Team Teddy (Matt/Reby).

    Team Matt wins and his World Heavyweight champion. Teddy in charge. Teddy then talks about how the "saviour" will cement his power by returning at and winning the Royal Rumble. He will then go on to win the WWE championship at Wrestlemainia and he will have complete power.

    The last entrant of the Rumble is JEFF HARDY!! He was the prophecy! Jeff wins and also wins at Wrestlemania. Teddy then has aspirations of replacing Vince as "supreme leader". Can he be stopped?
    Matt Hardy is.........the beginning, the end, the problem, the solution, the punch line, tha Man, the next WWE Champion!!!

    "I can slap a tomato,"
    "I can dry hump a seal YEAH"

    Matt Hardy YouTube channel:


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