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    Well as of right now, nothing has been reported about it. :/ When something comes up, I'll post it up as soon as possible.

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    I hope he goes free

    Its sad to think that if he gets arrested he would be in jail while his baby grows up without him
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    Quote Originally Posted by Belzova View Post
    I hope he goes free

    Its sad to think that if he gets arrested he would be in jail while his baby grows up without him
    That would suck for Beth. Having to take care of a child with out the father there. He would be out in a few years, so he would still have the time to build a good relationship with the kid.

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    While I'd agree it would be sad for a baby to grow its first few years without a father, it would be equally as tragic for a baby to be brought up around a father who is constantly abusing drugs, regardless of how this trial goes, I just hope this baby can bring some much needed fulfillment to Jeff's life and he doesn't need to use in order to feel high

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    A wrestlimng news site has been in contact with individuals on the ground in North Carolina for a legal update on TNA wrestler Jeff Hardy.

    The update they provided is no date is currently set for Hardy's next Superior Court court appearance in Moore County, N.C. following his scheduled appearance on Thursday, September 9.

    Hardy's appearance on Thursday was not a trial proceeding, but an administrative court appearance. They have a call in to the District Attorney's office in Moore County seeking further clarification on the next stage in the legal process.

    -- Since being indicted on drug possession charges earlier this year, Hardy has been required to appear in-person to show the court that he is stable. Our understanding is the case has been continued several times with Hardy simply having to make an appearance before the court on a regular basis.

    -- Hardy was arrested in September 2009 and eventually indicted on the charges of felony and misdemeanor drug possession in January 2010.

    According to one individual we spoke to who covers legal proceedings in North Carolina, the reason for the stiff charges was due to previous cases in North Carolina setting precedent for harsh penalties where alleged drug possession and drug trafficking are involved.

    Due to Hardy possessing excessive amounts of prescription drugs and steroids at the time of his arrest (262 Vicodin prescription pills, 180 Soma prescription pills, and 555 milliliters of anabolic steroids), he was slapped with charges that included felony drug trafficking, felony possession, misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia, and conspiracy to traffic opium.
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    -- Jeff Hardy's next court hearing in the ongoing criminal case against him in Superior Court of Moore County in North Carolina will be on October 25. It is believed that Hardy's case had another continuance this week.

    That was just posted by Ryan. So it looks like it got extended another month. :/ Wow.


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