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    Talking YOUR Bound For Glory card.......

    How would you book the upcoming PPV "Bound For Glory"? Stick to current storylines and direction. Oh and we can all check online to see the potential lineup so lets not go there please YOU be the booker.............

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    In no particular order ;

    EV2.0 vs Fourtune (wargames style match) *Losers must leave TNA* (by then the whole ev2 thing should have died down so time to move on)

    Kurt Angle vs Mr Anderson (TNA world title) *Mr anderson turns heel and beats (and retires) Angle thus creating a new no.1 heel in TNA

    Beer Money vs MCMG vs Generation ME (tag titles) machineguns retain

    "THEY" debut, and its Daniels, LAX, and Samoa Joe, with Abyss, forming an ultra-violent kick ass stable.

    Jeff Hardy vs The Pope (pope turns heel in the weeks building up to ppv) pope dirty win

    The whole conspiracy angle comes to a head, and sting reveals that Hogan, Bischoff and Jarrett are working for "the competition" and are trying to destroy TNA from the inside!!

    Thats just my thoughts, but i have been drinking all day so............................................. ;-)

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    1. Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy for the TNA Championship.
    Angle wins and will stick around for another year. He's not quite ready to retire yet.

    2. EV2.0 vs. Fortune
    Fortune wins, with AJ pinning Dreamer.

    3. The MotorCity Machine Guns vs. GenerationME vs. Wolfe and Magnus
    The Guns win to keep their momentum going. (Beer Money is in Fortune so they are not involved in this right now)

    4. Douglas Williams(c) vs. ??? In an Elevation X match for the X-Division Championship.
    It could be most of the roster in this match, from Suicide, Amazing Red, Shannon Moore, etc. I don't think Williams retains. TNA needs to rebuild the X-Division

    5. Samoa Joe vs. The Pope vs. Mr. Anderson
    Number One Contenders Match. Joe wins, setting up Angle vs. Joe one more time.

    6. Angelina Love vs. Madison Rayne vs. Velvet Sky in a Triple Threat for the Knockout Title
    I say Velvet wins this one. I could honestly care less though.

    7. Sting and Nash vs. Jarrett and ???
    Don't know, but something will happen.

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    Bound For Glory 2010

    1.) The Motor City Machine Guns(c) vs. London Brawling vs. Generation Me
    TNA Tag Team Title Elimination Style Match

    2.)EV 2.0 (Sabu,Dreamer,Rhyno,and Kendrick) vs. Fortune (AJ,Storm,Roode,Kaz)
    Lethal Lockdown

    3.)Sting vs. Hulk Hogan

    4.)Samoa Joe vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Mr. Anderson
    #1 Contendership for the TNA World Title

    5.)Douglas Williams(c) vs. Jay Lethal
    Elevation-X match
    TNA X-Division Title

    6.)Angelina Love(c) vs. Tara vs. Madyson Rayne vs. Velvet Sky
    TNA Knockouts Title (PISS BREAK!!!!)

    7.)Ric Flair vs. Mick Foley

    8.)Kurt Angle vs. The Pope D'Angelo Dinero
    TNA World Heavyweight Title

    1.)The Guns beat Generation ME and London Brawling to retain

    2.)Fortune beats EV2.0 in Lethal Lockdown when Kazarian pins Tommy Dreamer

    3.)Hulk Hogan beats Sting (You think Hulk's gonna lose at BFG?! Shit he just about paid ME off to just write that he would win lmao)

    4.)Samoa Joe beats Jeff Hardy and Mr. Anderson

    5.)Jay Lethal beats Douglas Williams to gain the X-Division Title in Elevation-X

    6.)Tara beats Velvet Madyson and Angelina via I don't give a shit

    7.)Mick Foley beats Ric Flair via Abyss accidently screwing up and hitting Flair instead of Foley

    8.)Kurt Angle beats Pope D'Angelo Dinero to become the TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

    You know using TNA's storylines suck...because TNA's storylines right I'm not TNA bashing cause I love it, but freaking it does.
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    1. Generation Me vs. London Brawling vs. MCMG (Ultimate X for Tag Team Titles)

    2. EV 2.0 vs Fortune (Lethal Lockdown match)

    3. The Beautiful People vs. Hamada & Taylor Wide vs. Madison Rayne and Tara (TNA Knockout Tag Team Titles)

    4. Kevin Nash & Sting vs. Jeff Jarrett and The Pope

    5. Jay Lethal vs. Amazing Red vs. Douglas Williams vs. Suicide vs. Shannon Moore vs. Shark Boy (King of the Mountain Match for X-Division Title)

    6. Kurt Angle vs Mr. Anderson (TNA World title)

    Results remember I was thinking like Vince Russo

    1. Generation Me defeats both teams after a miscommunication between London Brawling which made them argue fro most of the match, and The Guns were knocked out on the ground. Chelsea then announces that she's pregnant (similar to the Beulah angle in ECW) and she says that since both Magnus and Wolfe slept with her on different nights, she sets up a feud between London Brawling.

    2. Fortune beat EV 2.0 after Abyss comes in and reveals who THEY are and it's Judas Mesias and James Mitchell to form the utimate tag team, and RVD makes the save from everyone and leaves with EV 2.0. Tommy Dreamer then says that this is the end of EV 2.0 and they wanna thank everyone. Tommy remains in TNA and reprises his jobber role he's had for the past 5 years.

    3. The Beautiful People win the Knockout Tag Team Titles after Tara decides to attack Madison Rayne and tells her that she's tired of being everyone's bitch and says it's her time to shine once more.

    4. Kevin Nash and Sting defeat Jeff Jarrett after The Pope turns heel and aligns himself with Nash and Sting and savagely beat down Double J, but Samoa Joe comes out with Hernandez and turns it into a six ma tag where the faces win the match after all.

    5. Jay Lethal wins the X-Division title from Douglas Williams but Shark Boy says he was on the sidelines too long and demads a title shot against Lethal at the next Impact and Lethal accepts, but Hogan said that the match was "so awesome dudes that we should see a rematch this Thursday brother"

    6. Kurt Angle defeats Mr. Anderson for the TNA title after an ankle lock and tells Anderson that he'll see him at the next PPV. But Jeff Hardy demands it to make it a three way so Angle accepts the challenge setting up the match for Turning Point.
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