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    Without a doubt, it was 14th row in Pittsburgh for KOTR in 98. Hell in a cell Mankind vs. Taker

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    Without a doubt, it was 14th row in Pittsburgh for KOTR in 98. Hell in a cell Mankind vs. Taker
    That's fine and all, but might I say that your profile name and avatar combo is about the funniest wrestling thing I've seen in quite a while.. well done.

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    probably a house show i went before wrestlemania 23, i got to see booker t, chris benoit, and batista in action.

    but the really good part: the new breed vs ecw originals match, it was the same match that happened at mania and they had the match in this house show to see if they were going to include it in wm 23 card. needless to say it was pretty awesome, ive always been a big fan of rvd and sabu so it was a highlight for me

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    My top 3:

    3. Luger vs Yokozuna at a house show. Announcer says Lex couldn't make it. His replacement: Bret Hart! Crowd goes ape shit.

    2. Wrestlemania 25 in Houston. Great seats but I snuck in 10 airplane liquor bottles and barely remembered anything.

    1. House show about 13 yrs ago. Walking to my car and saw Stone Cold and Debra getting to their rental car. I approached them, made them laugh, and got a picture in between the two of them and a hug from Debra. I asked Austin "what are y'all gonna do tonight in Houston?" He smirks and replies, " You know..." and Debra smiled at him.
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    The 1st Raw I ever went to was in 2011 in Anaheim when The Rock made his return. I made it a point to not curse the entire show because there were little kids and their parents all around me, but when The Great One came out I let it all out. You can actually here me on TV when The Rock asks Cole if that was what he thought. I yelled at the top of my lungs "IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK" right before The Rock gave it to him.
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    Probably a TNA taped show here in the UK. I got to see Angle v Anderson cage match, tables match between Aces & Eights v Bully Ray and Sting. The best part of the night was when Sting made his entrance, Hogan also got a massive pop when he came out.

    My least favourite has to be this past week when i turned up late to the smackdown house show in Cardiff to find out i'd missed the first match which was NAO and Sheamus v The Shield. The match i was most looking forward to
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    That's Awesome...I think you just stomped the nuts of the entire IWC with this comment. A thing of beauty.

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    Mine is a little different then anyone else. It was 1999 and my GF at the time bought me tickets to a WWE house show at the ACC in Toronto.

    The only 2 things I remember from the event is how much fun I had and watching Scotty 2 Hottie bouncing on the ring ropes begging for the "hot tag" when he slipped of the rope and fell ass first to the ground. The poor guy really took a hard hit and it took him a minute to get back up, looked like it knocked the wind out of him. He never bounced on the ropes for the rest of the match though.

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    back in the 90's at a Raw show, me and a friend were waiting outside the building ( hara arena ) our 3rd friend had left to bring the car up, when the Rock popped out of side door. Me and my friend lost it, and were shouting at him. He stopped dead in his tracks, turned towards us and said..."The Rock doesn't know who's talking to him....and The Rock don't really give a damn!!!!" and then walked off....epic moment in my teenage years lol, and the 3rd guy still bitches about missing it occasionally.

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    Easy choice for me as I have not been to many live events. It was in Birmingham (I think.) And I was only young at the time, I'm in the front row of the crowd with my auntie and uncle and Bret Hart comes out.. Places his glasses on me and patted me on the head before going on to compete. It was AWE-SOME! My auntie was so jealous, she loved him so much Haha!.

    Problem being.. I was so young that my memory is fuzzy when thinking back on that night.

    My second fave, would be in a Cardiff house show.. Seeing The Undertaker's entrance and him coming down to the ring. Gave me chills and was just a special feeling.
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    Smackdown house show after Wrestlemania XX when Taker returned.

    Watching his entrance was so mind boggling it wasn't funny.


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