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    Best live event moment?

    What was your best WWE live event moment?

    Mine was when AJ won the divas title from Eve in a 3 way but Vick came out and restarted the match( I was really pissed off i thought i got to see a title change for the first time!)

    And my other best moment was at the first show i went to in 2012, Sheamus came right up to me( I was like 2 cm away from him) and taunted right were i was so i got to pat him on the back (His sweat was all over my hand lmao) and touch the world title.

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    I have 2

    while watching TNA in Cardiff during Beer Moneys entrance James Storm poured beer down my throat!!!

    while watching WWE in Cardiff CM Punk shook hands wiv me signed my World title and complimented my CM punk wrist tattoo!!!


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    Unmasked kane met Masked kane for the first time.

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    I barely remember it because I was like, 3 or 4 years old (I'm 16 now), but I still remember seeing Sid Viscous break his leg live. I was there in attendance. Some WCW PPV in 2000 I think lol Fuzzy memory

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    When was this AJ winning the divas title and then vickie restarting the match, I dont remember this?? Iv been at Raw and Smackdown last two nights in London and is my first time seeing WWE live! I was lucky I got to see HHH,Taker,Foley,New Age Outlaws. But highlight for me has got to be the 6 man tag and Undertakers entrance

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    Easy for me. I got to go in the back right before Hulk Hogan was going to Wrestle Randy Savage. I didn't even know I was going to run into Hulk. I had my back turned waiting for my dad to get through talking to Tito Santana when a door opened up and standing right behind me was Hulk in his full on pre match wardrobe. He put his hand on my shoulder and told me "You better go out and get ready to see some action little dude."

    It was awesome, because I was about 8 and in full on Hulkamania gear. This was the only time I was ever star stuck.
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    Goldberg's WWE debut
    Kurt Angle's TNA debut
    plenty of Hogan moments, but the one I can still remember like yesterday was his face turn at BFG. I almost lost my hearing! The building was almost freaking shaking!

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    Actually just last year with the return of Jericho. He was soooo over here in Belgium. He couldn't do anything wrong for our crowd.

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    Im from Boston so I've seen a lot of cool stuff, there are a few that stick out for me, 1. The Nexus attacks the Undertaker. I thought that was such a cool thing so experience live. 2. I was at NOC 2012 so I saw the Cena-Punk insane finish as well as Team Hell No win the tag titles 3. I was at the raw when Rock returned to Boston and cut his first "boots to asses" promo, the crowd was great that night and It was an unreal atmosphere. Other things like seeing Jericho's jacket live and Undertakers entrance are really cool to see in person.
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    On my 5th birthday (1998) I went to a house show. The two things that stick out in my mind are watching Farooq whip The Rock all over the ring with a leather belt & being scared out of my mind when Kane made his entrance.

    In '05 I got to see Eddie & Benoit, who were 2 of my favorites in one night.

    In '11 Zack Ryder & DH Smith put on a great match for Superstars.

    In ,12 Dolph & Cena blew me away at a live event.

    At a '13 TNA house show I got to see a steel cage match between Hardy & Aries.
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