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    Anarchy World Wrestling

    Anarchy World Wrestling

    AWW World Championship

    AWW Tag Championship
    AWW Women’s Championship
    AWW X Division Championship

    AWW New Years Revolution
    AWW Driven
    AWW Caged Collision
    AWW Anarchy Rullz (Wrestlemania show)
    AWW Survival of Fittest
    AWW Clash of the Champions
    AWW Guns a Blazing
    AWW Hardcore Hangover
    AWW All bets are off
    AWW Final Brawl

    Roster: Stars from WWE, TNA, ROH and the Indies as well as from around the world. Also managers and legends and women wrestlers
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    First Champions of Anarchy World Wrestling

    Anarchy World Heavyweight Champion The Apex Predator Randy Orton

    Anarchy World Tag Team Champions Future Shock (Adam Cole & Kyle O'Reilly)

    Anarchy Women's Champion Madison Rayne

    Anarchy X Division Champion Jimmy Rave

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    Anarchy World Wrestling Back Story

    With WWE and TNA sigining almost all of the indy stars ROH closed down and TNA's Owner Dixie Carter decided to leave the wrestling business and sold TNA to WWE's Owner Vince McMahon who in turn sold it to his son in law Triple H who then brought in Paul Heyman to be head booker

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    TV EP.1
    Runaway by Hail The Villain plays
    Joey Styles & Tazz welcome the fans to the show they talk about the main event when for the first time The Best in the World Cm Punk goes one on one with The Man Beast Rhino to see who will face Randy Orton for the AWW Championship at AWW New Years Resolution

    AWW Champion The Apex Predator Randy Orton makes his way out to the ring with microphone in hand.

    In the ring

    Orton: I am the first ever AWW World Champion and I will be the only champion in the history of AWW because no matter what any of you idiotic fans think I am not going to lose this championship the only way I will not be champion is when I retire and vacate it.

    This brings out The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels with a microphone in hand.
    On the stage
    Daniels: Orton what you just said is the biggest pile of crap I have heard and I am going to make it short and sweet I am challenging you to a match right now.

    Daniels drops the microphone and charges the ring which leads to the first match of the night.
    Match 1. Non Title Apex Predator Randy Orton V Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels

    Finish: Daniels hits Orton with a Running Reverse STO which knocks Orton down. Daniels drags him to one of the corners and climbs to the top rope and goes for the BME but Orton moves out of the way and Daniels crashes to the canvas.

    Orton grabs Daniels and nails the RKO for the pin and the win.

    After the match Orton picks Daniels up and goes for a second RKO but Daniels pushes him off and Orton rolls out of the ring and grabs his title and a stare down between them happens.

    Commercial Break

    Match 2 American Wolf Davey Richards V Zombie Princess Jimmy Jacobs

    Finish: Richards completely dominates Jacobs and is about to finish it when 2 masked men come through the crowd and attack Richards causing the DQ.

    After the match Richards tag team partner Eddie Edwards comes down to the ring and tries to help Richards but he gets beaten down.

    Jacobs gets a microphone
    Jacobs: CHAOS is coming to AWW

    Jacobs and the men leave

    Backstage Veda Scott tries to interview Jacobs but the men get in the way and then all three walk off with Scott looking confused.

    Back to the ring

    Match 3 TJ Perkins beat Jay Lethal, Christian York and Sonjay Dutt in a Four Corner Survival X Division Rankings match
    Finish After a lot of fast paced highflying action it turned into a match of trading finishers.
    York took out Dutt with a Mood Swing which lead to Lethal taking York out with a Lethal Injection and went for the pin.
    But Perkins hits a running dropkick on Lethal which sends him out to the floor and he grabs York and nails a superkick and cover him for the pin.

    Styles and Tazz go over the rankings now

    1. TJ Perkins he gets a championship match next week
    2. Jay Lethal
    3. Sonjay Dutt
    4. Christian York

    Commercial Break

    Match 4 MsChif V Mickie James

    Finish: James kicks MsChif in the gut and goes for a Mick Kick but MsChif ducks out of the way.
    MsChif then grabs James and spins her around and spits green mist into her eyes. MsChif then grabs James and hits a Spinning Tombstone Piledriver and covers her for the pin.

    After the match Veda Scott interviews MsChif who says she just sent James to hell and that she is coming after the AWW Women’s Championship.

    Backstage a video hyping the debut of the King of Bling Kenny King next week in the video King says that you better watch out otherwise you’re going to get knocked the f**k out.

    Commercial Break

    Main Event The Best in the World Cm Punk V The Man Beast Rhino

    Finish: Punk kicks Rhino in the head and lifts him of on his shoulders for the GTS but Rhino fights out of it and lands behind Punk.

    He backs up and waits for Punk to turn around and then nails a GORE and goes for the pin but he only gets 2.

    Rhino backs up as Punk gets up and turns around Rhino goes for a second gore but this time Punk moves and Rhino crashes into the corner.

    Punk grabs Rhino and puts him so that he is facing outwards in the corner then backs up and runs at him and nails a knee to the head.

    Punk calls for the GTS and hits it but Rhino kicks out at 2 Punk goes to the ring apron and goes for a springboard Clothesline but Rhino gores him in mid air and covers him for the pin.

    After the match Rhino helps Punk up but Orton comes out and nails them both with shots to the head with the Championship belt and poses before Christopher Daniels comes out with a chair in hand and Orton bails as Daniels stares at him

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    AWW Presents its first PPV in 3 weeks time
    New Year Revolution
    Current Card

    AWW World Championship The Apex Predator Randy Orton V The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels V The Best in the World Cm Punk V The Man Beast Rhino

    This and more matches to be announced in the coming weeks
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    Well, first episode of AWW! Okay, firstly- I like the fact that you made Randy Orton as the AWW Champion. Heel Orton is absolutely awesome. Decent promo with Orton, however Daniels could've said a little bit more. I think you should've had a GM come out and announce the match, because it didn't quite make sense when Daniels challenged Orton to a match and the match begun all of a sudden.

    So, it's Orton vs. Daniels. Orton wins. Great stuff. He hits Daniels with an RKO afterwards. That mug! So if Orton is a heel, does that mean Daniels is a face? I prefer heel Daniels, and IMO- face Daniels is a bit stale and boring. Heel Daniels is the best I reckon. Good stuff though.

    Richards vs. Jimmy Jacobs- and it's a DQ win for Richards after 2 masked men attack him. Can't wait to see who the men actually are, and I'm interested to see why they are aligned with Jacobs. Jacobs says that Chaos is coming to AWW. I think I know who it is, but if I am correct- I am going to mark the hell out.

    Nice stuff with TJ Perkins winning the Four Corner Survival X Division match although I'd love to see Jay Lethal win cause I'm a massive fan for him lol. Personally, I don't like rankings, but that's just me. If you can put storylines in with the X-Division, then I wouldn't really care about the rankings man. Can't wait to see what you do with the X-Div.

    Nice stuff with MisChif beating James, good promo as well as her statement is loud and clear.

    YES! YES! YES! I absolutely LOVE Kenny King. Can't wait to see what The Natural! The Pretty Boy Pitbull Kenny King does for his deeeeeeeeeeeebut!

    Rhino beats Punk, good stuff. I was certain that Punk was gonna win, so that's a good surprise mate. Randy Orton comes out to attack both men- before Daniels comes out to the stage.

    It was an okay debut show overall, and I think you could tweak a few storylines mate. It was a good read though, and I'm excited to see what you can do in the future.


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