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    my idea for a late summer/early fall angle with a new stable.

    First of all it's been quite some time since I actually posted anything on here, so hi everybody, did ya miss me? let's begin

    Let's say one night on Raw, late summer/ early fall starts out with Rollins and Reigns finally losing the tag titles to some other team with Reigns being pinned. Ambrose comes out after the match and starts talking with Rollins. Reigns comes over to them and all of a sudden Ambrose and Rollins start beating down Reigns. They leave the ring. then later in the night...

    Let's say Punk came back and started teaming with Lesnar and Axle with Paul Heyman as all of their manager throughout the summer. Punk eventually starts butting heads with the other guys. Well, on this night, the Heyman crew comes out to address their future plans in the WWE. Heyman starts talking about how his three men are unstoppable together. All of a sudden Daniel Bryan and Antonio Cesaro come to the ring and get in. They begin fighting with Lesnar and Axle as CM Punk stands there watching. Lesnar and Axle pretty much get the better of them then Ambrose and Rollins come out to join in on beating down Lesnar and Axle. Lesnar and Axle end up on the outside of the ring. Punk goes to the outside and grabs Heyman and throws him into the ring. Ambrose, Rollins, Bryan, and Cesaro begin to beat down on Heyman. Lesnar and Axle get up and rush the ring and begin to successfully fight against the five guys who beat them down. Then, a few men climb over the rail from the crowd and begin to rush the ring. They look like fans at first, then Micheal Cole notes that these guys are from NXT. He reveals them to be Adrien Neville, Kassius Ohno, and Luke Harper. All eight men team up on beating down Lesnar, Axle, and Heyman. Punk grabs a mic. He says say hello to the group of men who will tear down the WWE brick by brick until there's nothing left, and calls it "The End" and the show goes off the air.
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    Harper looks like he's coming up with The Wyatt Family so.......not him.

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    The Shield disbanding would probably be an highlight of this summer or early fall which determines what WWE does with stables and Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns.

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    The higher I go, the crookeder it becomes.

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    Just another dream Indy stable really, nothin special or differentiating at all.

    The higher I go, the crookeder it becomes.


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