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    Not sure how Ryback can lose at Wrestlemania and deem himself the biggest threat to the title

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    Quote Originally Posted by PSOjedi View Post
    Give him a chance. He went from nothing to 2 promos. OK taped, but promos nonetheless. I think he can really improve his mic skills because he's actually in a feud with one of the best talker in this business. WWE did not give him his chance vs CM Punk. He did a good job with Mick Foley, now we're waiting for a Live Promo vs Cena, and even more. Too early to fire at him in my opinion.
    I've heard him as Skip Sheffield and even there I sat there thinking unimpressive. Then his promos have just been bland. Maybe you enjoyed them and that's fine, but through his entire promos I was thinking boring..
    Brad Maddox is the new face of the WWE!

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    Ryback's Boring and he will shoved down our throats...cheers
    I Am Straight Edge,That Makes Me Better Than You.

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    Ryback needs to learn how to keep the mic in front of his mouth when talking. At the end of every sentence he was lowering the mic before he was finished talking. He's not good on the mic, and it just highlights that.

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    He is improving but I feel like he may have a very low ceiling. He's an average athlete for his size so he's always going to be limited to a few power moves, his matches aren't going to have consistent quality because he'll need great sellers to make him look good.

    He's never going to be a Lesnar or a Batista. He doesn't have the explosive, violent quality to his game that they brought.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erroneous Fool View Post
    How in the hell did Ryback get to be the #1 contender? Who did he beat to earn this opportunity? When was the last time he even won a match? He's been getting owned by the Shield and Mark Henry for months now.
    I know it's damn ridiculous. Henry should be number 1 contender.

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    All Ryback does is he makes faces, hits his own head, and sticks his tongue out every 10 seconds. I guess that and some muscle is all it takes to be a #1 contender. Sort of a flashback to the 80's?


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    How many times did he lose those matches because of cheating by the heels. Who hasn't been getting owned by the Shield? They are undefeated. When did WWE decide #1 contenders? Who did Rock beat? Who instead of Ryback should be the contender?


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