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    Quote Originally Posted by Wrestling_Deluxe_08 View Post
    Happy to see majority looking forward to the feud. Don't get me wrong. I believe all of you have legitimate cases to pick your options. I guess I'm just a bit more optimistic about how things could turn out. I see a lot of good things coming out of AJ Lee and Kaitlyn.

    Looking forward to a fued between them aswell feels like a long time coming between them both the "bad blood" between them both has been going on for a while now about time they are finally getting it on sort off speak.

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    AJ Lee vs Kaitlyn has the most potential of any diva feud in quite some time. I wish Kaitlyn was more over that she currently is during this feud but I think she can ride the relevance of AJ Lee as they put on stellar diva matches that the fans will actually care about. For far too long have I not given a crap about the divas title, I'm glad they are bringing in a character that I am more familiar with to battle with a character that I very much enjoy during her very limited airtime. I am curious if they will give the title to AJ and do a power couple storyline, it seems like not a very far fetched idea.

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    I need to see more personality from Kaitlyn for me to believe in this feud. AJ is the most over Diva on the main roster and she needs an opponent who can be good outside the ring, in segments and promos to make a feud with them meaningful.

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    AJ and Kaitlyn had a match on the latest episode of NXT. Was decent, nothing special. I'm sure their match at the PPV will be much better but how much better? Well only time will tell. I'm not setting my hopes too high.

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    AJ Lee vs Kaitlyn

    What are yalls thoughts on this fued? For me, I believe it can bring back the importance of the divas division, if WWE plays their cards right. I would have these two be put into more matches, have promos really revolving around Kaitlyn reaching out to AJ as a friend but AJ went psycho with all these guys. It really relates today with high school girl drama. Anyways, this fued has a lot of potential.


    And check out this video Wrestling_Deluxe/Dalyxman made for them. It is really well done.

    Not sure how to post the actual video on here. But it is in the forum below me as well.
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    There's a lot of potential in the story but last time AJ and Kaitlin faced off (nxt recently) it really wasn't very good. I agree that the Divas need new life in the divison but I wouldn't bet on AJ vs Kaitlin being the feud to kickstart a Diva revival.

    Divas to believe in.

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    Thanks for mentioning my video. I'll post it for ya. For future reference, when you're posting, click the video icon that says,"Insert Video" and place the link in there. Then you'll get the following:

    <span style="font-family: Comic Sans MS">

    This is where I post recent videos. This week's video:"
    WWE Summerslam 2014 Preview and Predictions"

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    Anytime Dalyxman. I just had to mention your promo by posting this forum. It explained the whole storyline perfectly. And thanks.
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    Could be a great match but after seeing them on nXT recently i have my doubts now.

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    How the heck did you take over my thread Dalyxman? Haha! I find it hilarious. Anyways, I am afraid WWE won't go all out with this fued. It should be a rivarly that goes for a long time. And apparently Kaitlyn has a secret admirer (Cody Rhodes I am guessing) so he could even get involved.
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