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    The Chikara draft

    From reading on the news page, looks like Chikara is in some kind of trouble... don't know if it more then meets the eyes... or just small issues that can be solved....
    If they would shut the doors... Who would go where??

    TNA- Jigsaw, The Shard

    WWE- Eddie Kingston, Delirous

    anyone want to add feel free to...
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    Well Delirious is the head booker for ROH.

    Jigsaw would become Rubix in TNA.

    After that i think most of them just the indies.

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    Eddie Kingstin would shine in WWE, size, ability, mic skills, and he can work any style.

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    I think most would end up in the Indys or Japan...

    WWE - Eddie Kingston is the only one I think the WWE would consider even though there is some talent and potential if they ever got the Cruiser Division back

    TNA - Who I think they would take would be Rubix, Eddie Kingston, and Chuck Taylor. I would also want them to take Ultra Mantis and Quackenbush. The Colony has several members who have the technical skills that I could see TNA buying into to send into OVW to develop characters, but the ones I mentioned above could fit into the selective usage TNA plays to with their guys which will also allow for them to continue on in the Indies the way that Scorpio and Black Jeez have so far.

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