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    the shield vs. the assault

    It appears that the Shield is approaching(or already approached) they're peak. They've beaten everyone that the WWE has to offer and are currently sitting on top of the mountain. Nobody wants to see a recycled feud so it appears that after the Shield feuds with Undertaker, they need to steer clear of the other top stars(Cena, Orton, Sheamus, etc.) to avoid growing stale. After the Extreme Rules PPV, the Shield will need to develop a new story. While some people are pushing for some type of title feud, others are pushing for a rift to grow within the group itself. There have been reports that WWE is looking to bring up the next wave of NXT talent. My suggestion is to turn the Shield's banner of justice against themselves. My idea is for a group of NXT stars to adopt the Shield's guerrilla tactics and give the Shield a taste of its own medicine in the name of true justice. Bring up all the ways that the Shield has abused its view of justice and center the whole feud around that. I would normally worry about the Shield putting over the new talent and losing momentum since they're rookies themselves, but I think they're big enough right now where they can afford to lose and still come off strong. Thoughts?


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